Tyrese Maxey credits James Harden’s professional attitude, despite the failed trade

Dyers Maxey praised James Harden’s professionalism amid his trade debacle with the Philadelphia 76ers. The general consensus is that the 'beard’ will be tough to deal with during training camp. Maxey gave a shout-out to the former MVP, saying he handled the situation brilliantly even with the uncertainty surrounding his future with the Sixers.

On his 'The Old Man & The Three’ podcast, J.J. Speaking to Redick, Maxey praised Harden for being a consummate professional.

“First, give a shout out to Imma James. He didn’t do it differently. He came in and he wasn’t what I expected. He was very accepting. He worked hard. He did all the exercises. He was even talking to young people he didn’t know. James Harden, MVP, scoring champ, two-time assist leader, he was sitting around talking to guys like Ricky Council and saying, 'Hey, when you’re helping, you’ve got to do this.’ This is not what I pictured.

[Starts 2:58 onwards]

At the time of writing, there has been no drama since Philadelphia 76ers training camp. There were no reports that he withdrew his trade request.

Earlier, James Harden missed media day and the first day of training camp, forcing the Sixers’ hand and leading to speculation that a trade to his preferred destination, the Los Angeles Clippers, would lead to further controversy.

The Philadelphia 76ers want James Harden to play at least one postseason game

The Sixers have played two preseason games through the 2023-24 preseason, and both were without James Harden. While he still works on his conditioning to get back into game shape, even if he doesn’t want to be in Philadelphia, the team’s thinking team’s hope is that he’ll play at least one regular season game.

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The newly minted team’s head coach, Nick Nurse, talked about the guard getting some playing time before they open their campaign on Oct. 26 against the Milwaukee Bucks. The Sixers were without Harden and Joel Embiid.

„Surely. „It’s important to get everyone in as soon as they’re ready to go. It’s definitely important to see what it’s like, and when it gets down to the last level, it’s important to get some sort of handle or feel for what your cycle is going to be like.

While Harden isn’t the same relentless offensive presence he once was, he still boasts a high playmaking IQ and led the league in assists per game last season.

As for his trade, he doesn’t care what he brings to the table when he’s on the floor. James Harden has an infamous reputation for forcing his way out of situations with just enough play. As of now, he is six.

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