META and the metaverse are constantly evolving

In 2003, after completing my MBA from IE Business School, I started building a company with a group of engineer friends like myself. At that time everyone around us was building companies that were developing technology for the Internet. It was logical that after the dot-com bubble burst, the Internet regained its steam with e-commerce.

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We decided to follow a different path and focused on software development for industrial companies. If you make mistakes in web development, your customers may get angry, you may lose money, But its impact generally does not go far.

In the industrial world, if your software fails, the consequences can be dire and potentially fatal. Building strong applications and understanding the industry is essential. One of our star products is training simulators.

Digital twins, before they were commonly known by this name.
It appeared on the same dates Second Life is a popular virtual world developed by Linden Labs where users can interact and interact with others in a three-dimensional immersive environment. It allowed users to create and customize their avatars, allowing them to explore a vast digital landscape filled with buildings, landscapes and objects created and created by the inhabitants of Second Life.

The site gained popularity for its community, user-generated content-based model and allowing residents to purchase, Sell ​​and trade assets and virtual goods using the in-game currency Linden Dollars.

Residents can socialize, participate in activities, or create and attend events such as concerts, art exhibits, and educational seminars. Second Life is also proposed as a platform for educational purposes to host virtual conferences and business meetings. With rapid growth in the first year, the prospects considered are fantastic.

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However, this pioneering example of virtual world platforms always made it clear that it was not a game, and still works today, that never took off.
A couple of years agoMark Zuckerberg announced a new concept, a new business unit and a new name for his company., from Facebook to Meta. The concept of metaverse, a shared virtual collective space, is like a second life. The company acquired glasses-related Oculus in 2014, a move that revolutionized the business and technology worlds. Million dollar and fixed investments were announced.

On the positive side, the Metaverse has seen undeniable growth and change over the past two years. The culmination of technological advancements in high-speed technology and the growing demand for digital experiences, During this time, it has driven significant interest in widespread adoption and expansion around the world. But this transformative journey is not as expected characterized by reshaping the way people communicate, work, play and learn in the digital realm.

There has actually been an increase in the number and variety of metawares sites, each catering to specific user interests and demographics. Decentraland is behind Ethereum; VRChat is open to community development; Or Sandbox, an online gaming platform based on NFTs, failed to take off.

Established technology companies have not been able to create or dominate it Market with its immersive virtual environments. These platforms have evolved and managed to provide a possible integration of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), allowing more realistic and interactive formats, but clearly not enough.

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Metaverse’s exponential growth has raised concerns about its environmental footprint and energy consumption. Industry leaders and innovators are early adopters of sustainable practices and green technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of digital infrastructures. Development of energy efficient data centers and implementation of green design principles It underscored the industry’s commitment to reducing environmental degradation and promoting sustainable development in the Metaverse.

During my time in the film world we saw the problems of 3D technology firsthand with the audience. The first three-dimensional motion picture film dates back to 1922. The Power of Love was released and screened at the Ambassador Hotel Theater in Los Angeles. Projected with red/green glasses, it signaled the beginning of periodic return to three-dimensional cinema, as evidenced by Jazz 3D (1983) and Avatar (2009).

Because? It’s not technical, our vision simply expects known targets to be some blocks and sizes away, and if this isn’t the case, headaches or nausea appear along with other unwanted effects. So it could be an animated film or clearly shot with a 3D design in mind. Or we will not get the desired result. Not specifying a business model.

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Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning enable social interactions in the metaverse, enhancing the realism and depth of virtual engagements. From virtual concerts and events to collaborative workspaces and educational environments, the MetaverseOr it can be a hub for fluid communication and collaboration, transcending geographic boundaries and cultural boundaries.

The pervasive influence of the metaverse has profound cultural implications, creating new forms of digital expression, art, and entertainment. Virtual museums, art galleries, and cultural heritage sites have become popular destinations for deep learning and exploration.Develop a deeper appreciation of global diversity and historical significance.

The integration of metaware into academic and professional environments has redefined traditional learning and working paradigms. Virtual classrooms and training simulations have enabled immersive and interactive learning experiences by catering to different learning styles and preferences. Not everything is negative.

What happened next? On the one hand, the Meta project isn’t as clearly focused as Fortnite or Roblox
, designed for a clear audience and purpose. On the other hand, the main thrust of the company seemed to be to look for a new line of business, whose practice was completely dependent on advertising revenue, which was very sensitive to the evolution of the economy. A commitment to risky innovation that could not be achieved and sustained in two years.

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Finally, the rise of artificial intelligence has turned all eyes on the new technology, which may paradoxically be the salvation of meta, due to its great advantages and potential application in high-speed environments.

One thing is clear. Mark Zuckerberg doubles down with a high-resolution Metaverse interview with tech legend Lex Friedman. If the second life survives to this day, Why Meta isn’t going to succeed, and digital twins aren’t going to change the industry, the cinema, the world Video games or so on. After all, he’s been innovating half the planet for two years and doesn’t want to stop.

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William of Harrow

Vicedecano de IE School of Science and Technology.

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