Companies use it to develop technology

Since its discovery in 2004, He Graphene Hailed as the stuff of the future, has the potential to revolutionize many industries. This is proven by a recent study by IDTechEx, which has been analyzing this market for over a decade and highlights the importance of graphene’s role in the consumer goods industry.

Despite its innovative capabilities, Its adoption in everyday products is at a turning pointStill in its infancy, but showing significant advances in areas such as sports equipment, consumer electronics and health.

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Graphene has been defined as a 'miracle’ material by the technology industry Ability to operate cutting-edge next-generation technologies. Many of these applications are still in development, requiring significant research to move from the laboratory to large-scale production.

However, some successes are being achieved Graphene is an additive in specific applications for consumer products. The big question is whether these graphene-enabled products are improvements to existing products or whether they will truly disrupt the market.

Road to Popularity

According to the IDTechEx study, This material is still in its early stages, but it is already registering great commercial success. While capacity is beginning to increase with demand, the market remains fragmented.

Use of this material in niche applications will lead to market consolidation, resulting in a Lower costs and reduced margins. But until this happens, there will be trade barriers for graphene to enter some high-volume, low-value markets.

Premium Features (and Price)

Until this transition occurs, graphene’s initial success may only be seen in high-value products for consumers willing to pay a premium price for small performance gains. More examples can be found here.

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For example, Premium sporting goodsRackets, helmets, bicycle frames, golf balls, fishing rods, skis or running shoes, etc.

The Electronics This is another market where this material is well received. One of the most notable parts of the app Thermal products. The demand for high-performance heat sinks is increasing, and the properties of graphene are perfect for this, in particular Smartphones.

Thus, many companies like Huawei, Realme or Xiaomi are incorporating graphene in their heat sinks. You can actually say that Chinese manufacturers are pioneers In this sector reflected in the supply chain, Sixth Element (based in Changzhou) is currently the world leader in graphene oxide supply.

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