The jockey was banned from racing at the Melbourne Cup Carnival

By James Cooney for Daily Mail Australia

04:44 01 November 2023, Updated 06:30 01 November 2023

  • Daniel Moore pulls out of race at Melbourne Cup Carnival
  • The jockey was left brain dead in Monday’s incident
  • Moore says he’s doing another jockey a favor

Aussie Jockey Daniel Moore tries to help his friend out of the Melbourne Cup Carnival race, but fails.

Moore, 39, suffered concussion in an incident involving a horse at the Cranbourne jump-outs on Monday.

Under Racing Victoria’s concussion protocol, Moore will be out of action for 12 days.

„Another jockey had double-booked himself and I was doing a favour,” Moore told RSN radio.

’The horse was fine, a beautiful, quiet horse, he expected to jump very fast over the hurdles.

Daniel Moore has been ruled out of the Melbourne Cup with concussion
The jockey hit the horse’s head and neck while riding

’He came down on the nose and then when he lifted his head and neck up, patted me in the face.

’I was there looking at the stars for a few minutes, but after finishing the investigation, I came down and felt a bit tired. I think everyone should be cautious and do this 12 day stand-down.

The jockey explained that hitting a horse’s head during a race is a very common hazard.

’You have to be quick to get your head out of the way and unfortunately I wasn’t this time,’ he said.

In a statement posted on social media, Moore said it was disappointing to be excluded from the carnival.

’I feel in good health and it’s very frustrating and disappointing as we head into the Flemington Spring Racing Carnival,’ Moore X (formerly of Twitter) posted on Twitter.

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However, I understand and respect the protocol to protect the health and safety of not only myself, but fellow riders.

Moore says he’s disappointed to be kicked out, but understands why

’I am grateful for the support I receive from the coaches and owners and I look forward to the service when I return.

’I’m looking forward to completing the cognitive function test in 12 days and getting back to race riding as soon as possible.’

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