Kris Jenner doesn’t know how much fast food costs

Kris Jenner has once again shown that she’s more of a nobu girl than just a fan of fast food. In the most recent episode of 'The Kardashians’, The matriarch proved how clueless she was when ordering cheeseburgers.

After Kim’s birthday trip to Las Vegas goes awry, the whole party crew decides to head to the next best thing: In-N-Out. That’s the consolation for Sin City. As we sat at the counter and watched Chloe deliver her order, Kris Jenner hurriedly paid the bill, or should I say, overpaid. He handed Chloe a stack of bills totaling $300.

„Mom, I don’t know how you’ve never been to a fast food restaurant. We don’t need hundreds of dollars,” Khloe Kardashian said before flashing the Benjamin Franklin bill for the camera.

„You tried to pay me $300,” he told the crew. „I don’t think he realizes how expensive fast food restaurants are.”

But Kris Jenner’s consolation is that she’s not the only one a little, ahem, out of touch with the real world. Remember Kendall’s attempt to cut a cucumber? Emphasis on effort. At least the family knows how to troll themselves.

In an interview on the show, when images from the past were shown, Kendall Jenner admitted, „Rewatching it can be therapeutic sometimes, and I know it’s really funny… When I watch it again, I’m like … 'Why did I cut it, why did I cut it like that?’ I don’t even know that. Neither do we, dear.

He even took lessons from one of the family chefs. „Can you help me? Teach me? What did I do wrong? How can I do it better?” He said. „I’ve really taken it to heart. I think it’s crazy, and I love it. Honestly, it’s because I can’t be too much! I do a noodle of weird stuff.”

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In Kris Jenness’ case, she might ask for help next time. You should consider talking to a financial professional… or a regular person who has ordered fast food before.

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