Mel B steals from Simon Cowell

„AGD: Fantasy League” may be a judge's dream, but it's turning out to be a nightmare for Simon Cowell.

Team Heidi's contestant Hans served up the sass with his sizzling musical number during Monday's series premiere of the „America's Got Talent” spinoff. On „Fantasy League,” „AGD” judges Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and returning judge Mel B assemble an all-star team of fan-favorite contestants from across the „Got Talent” franchise.

A quarterfinalist on „AGD” Season 13, Hans played Liberace's piano and playfully crooned for a cover of Elton John's „The Pitch Is Back.” The German musician closed the show with an accordion solo and a cheeky shout-out to his „obsessed” Koval. „I know you like it, Simon,” Hans said.

Hans impressed Mel B with his energetic stage presence. „My cheeks hurt because you bring so much joy to the stage,” he said.

However, Hans could not make a fan of Cowell, saying that the performance was not his „cup of tea”.

„If I'm being honest with you, he can't sing and he can't dance,” retorted Hans, „if I can't sing and I can't dance, when am I going to take over your job? , kid?”

Judges will compete against each other throughout the season while mentoring and guiding their acts to victory, which includes a $250,000 prize.

Mel B sprays Simon Cowell with drink after Spice Girls humiliation

Cowell learned the hard way that you don't mess with girl power.

The British entertainment mogul poked fun at Mel B's all-girl team in the past during Team Mel B's competition on Tap Face. The mime comedian, who was a finalist on „AGT” Season 11, made Cowell part of his Johnny-type show.

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Tape Face invited Cowell to stand on stage and put his hands on the microphone stand. After Cowell was blindsided, Tap Face played a game of cup-and-ball that received roaring applause when he successfully sank the ball into the cup. A dazed Cowell, who had not seen the success of the tape face, went back to his seat in confusion.

„That was brilliant,” Mel B said. „You know why that was good? We got to see you and Simon standing there senseless.

But Koval did not take Mel B's chant seriously. “I just stood there. I don't sing. I felt like a Spice Girl,” she said.

Mel B quickly retaliated, grabbing her drink and spraying Cowell with the drink.

„So, unfortunately Mel won't be joining us for the rest of the series,” he later joked.

Howie Mandel joins puppeteer Shadow Ace in 'Genius' performance

Shadow Ace pulls back the curtain on his dark deeds.

The shadow puppeteer, who made it as a semi-finalist on „AGD” Season 18, enlisted the help of his mentor Mandel for his „Fantasy League” debut. In front of the audience, the Filipino puppeteer entertained with the dance moves of his shadow-play characters, set to the beat of hip-hop classics like Sir Mix-A-Lot's „Baby Got Back” and Nelly's „”. Hot in Herre” on a white background illuminated by a spotlight.

Shadow Ace portrayed Mandel's head as various props throughout the show, including a turntable, a drum and a piano during a romantic pantomime of the Vanessa Carlton ballad „A Thousand Miles.”

„It was genius. Because, in a weird way, it made you realize how hard it is,” Cowell said. „Because sometimes you don't want to see everything, but by actually seeing everything, it's even funnier.”

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Shadow Ace beat Mel B with his hilarious Mandel cameo.

„I couldn't stop laughing,” Mel B said. „You made me so happy by repeatedly hitting Howie's head. I loved it.

Billy & Emily Steal England From Simon Cowell With Mel B Golden Buzzer

With the Golden Buzzer in hand, all is fair in love and war.

Team Simon duo Billy & Emily England wowed the judges with their exciting roller-skating act, which saw Billy spin his sister Emily at breakneck speed. „AGT” Season 12 semifinalists Emily chases balloons in mid-air with flaming blades on her skates.

„Simon is very lucky to have you on his team,” Mandel said. „This is one of the most dangerous, amazingly unique acts we've had in 'Got Talent' history.”

But the England team could not stay in Simon's team for long. Mel B pressed his golden buzzer button, which allowed the Las Vegas couple to steal for his team and send them to the season finale.

„Honestly, when Simon invited me (to be on the show), 11-year-old Emily was a little upset,” Emily England revealed after the steal. „I really wanted to be a part of Mel B's team.”

Cowell was devastated after being beaten by his „fantasy league” dream team. „I really feel like I've been dumped,” she said.

Which 'AGD: Fantasy League' contestants made it to the semi-finals?

At the end of the night, host Terry Crews revealed which acts would advance to the semi-final round. Of the 10 contestants who participated, only five were voted off by the studio audience.

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First up was Team Howie's V.Unbeatable, an acrobatic dance group that wowed with its high-flying flips and synchronized choreography.

Team Simon scored a hit with singer-songwriter Cody Lee, who melted hearts with his emotional performance of the original song.

Shadow Ace and sand artist Ksenia Simonova Team Howie joined the winner's circle on the strength of their mesmerizing performances. Rounding out the top five was fellow Team Howie contestant Christy Sellers, who dazzled with her beautiful pole dance number.

„Howie, you're in a line,” Cruz told Mandel.

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