Mangrove Photo Awards 2023 Announce Winners

By Ian Bongso-Seltrup on October 24, 2023 @ 02:00 AM (EST)
Source: BBC

Organizers Mangrove Photography Awards This year’s winners have been released, and Indian photographer Soham Bhattacharya took the top spot for his arresting image of a young Royal Bengal tiger peering out from the mangroves of the Sundaravan Biosphere Reserve, located in the vast delta of the Ganges River. The competition, now in its ninth year, „celebrates the beauty, diversity and fragility of our mangrove forests around the world.”

Mangroves and Landscape, Mangroves and Wildlife, Mangroves and Threats, Mangroves and People, Mangroves and Conservation Stories, and of course, Mangroves and Underwater are many of the best underwater images. Winner of the Mangroves and Underwater category, this week’s DPG Photographer Anita Kainrath perfectly captures a juvenile lemon shark swimming in the shallow mangroves of the Bahamas. Another photographer of the week, Brooke Pike, took the runner-up spot with another split image of a lush and luxuriant mangrove forest growing atop a vibrant coral reef in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.

See more winners, runners-up and most commended images below. do not forget DPG Masters Underwater Imaging Competition Accepting submissions until December 1st – and there are a ton of awesome travel and gear prizes to be won.

Mangroves and Underwater: Winner

Mangroves and Underwater: Second place

Mangroves and Underwater: Highly appreciated

Mangroves and Terrain: Highly appreciated

Mangroves and Threats: Highly appreciated

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