If you don’t like AI, you haven’t tried it | Technology

I’m constantly fascinated by how we can feel such a sense of wonder when a technological breakthrough comes into our lives, when we perceive it as the end of the world. How long has society been using search engines on the Internet? Google just turned 25 years old, and at the time of its launch, media outlets like CNN asked, “Google makes it easy to find information, but what about the quality?” We saw headlines like Fear in the title. Not more not less.

The human mind’s capacity for wonder is limitless. The creators of ChatGPT were pioneers in introducing the first artificial intelligence (AI) that users experienced. Beyond the technical capabilities, what’s incredible is that it’s a platform that took only two months to attract 100 million users. In the world of communication, this inspiration gives us lots of opportunities to create and participate in conversation.

About AI, we hear it all. Ultimately, these tools are created by humans to make our lives easier, not to make them worse. No matter how much intelligence you give a machine, it is still artificial. AI is a great innovation for wordsmiths.

At some point we’ve all felt the „fear” of facing the blank page. Having a fast, polite and helpful „work colleague” who delivers proven results is a dream come true (and anyone who says no hasn’t tried it).

The essence of this technological invention, like all previous ones, is knowing how to use it properly. Be creative and concise by choosing your requests immediately. Once the machine gives us some interesting information, comes the task of variation, investigation and, above all, review. It is already a task for the human eye, something that cannot be changed. In Spain, artificial intelligence is hitting hard. According to I Adigital AI Survey, 47.7% of companies are exploring solutions based on this technology. The job opportunities are endless. For the uninitiated, one of the key benefits of AI in strategic communications is its ability to analyze large amounts of data and extract insights.

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Artificial intelligence is impacting all industries to a greater or lesser extent, but is undoubtedly already doing so in the field of communications. An interesting thing is automatic translation, we can translate texts instantly and more accurately in seconds than any other tool on the market. By having it in multiple languages, it significantly increases the range of our communication and, of course, reduces costs.

AI, like any technological advancement, makes us faster and more agile in our operations and increases the precision of our work. From the strict purpose of the profession, this tool inspires us, it is a machine to start and we can devote more time to other important tasks.

In its beginning, it was a good machine, repetitive in vocabulary and various flaws define it, but it is true that it is improving a lot and very quickly. It’s clear that flesh-and-blood experts are here to touch, change, and put a bond in everything we do. We must not forget that man is capable of great things with the most conventional technology. And everything that amazes us today will become ordinary tomorrow.

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