John Lee's Priorities: Economy and Livelihood

Michael Shum

The government's two main objectives for 2024 are to revitalize the city's economy and improve citizens' livelihoods, says chief executive John Lee Ka-chiu.

Taking to Facebook yesterday, Lee said his administration would implement measures in hopes of „injecting vitality” into the economy.

„The government will accelerate the city's development and promote Hong Kong's welcoming and courteous service spirit. And new and diversified activities and festivals will stimulate growth in the day and night economy,” Lee said.

„The administration will help foreign companies enter China's market and at the same time introduce Chinese companies to the outside world.”

Lee vowed that the government's second focus this year would be to improve citizens' livelihoods.

„After perfecting the district administration system, the seventh district council has already taken office, which will better integrate social power and improve the livelihood of citizens,” Lee said. „I will continue to go out into the community and publish useful policies.”

Summing up the past year, Lee said Hong Kong has embarked on a new journey from „return to chaos” to prosperity.

„There have been many changes and the community has become happier and more energetic. Citizens can now take off their masks and the streets are crowded again,” Lee said.

His administration has achieved two of the goals he laid out in his New Year's Day message last year: to bring Hong Kong out of the turmoil fueled by the pandemic and to implement the measures in his first policy speech.

„I believe that when all sectors of society cooperate with each other, Hong Kong will be even more prosperous in 2024 and attract more attention on the world stage,” he said.

The administration's chief secretary, Eric Chan Kwak-ki, said in a Facebook post yesterday that safeguarding national security will be at the top of the government's agenda.

„Since the enactment of Article 23 of the Basic Law will be completed by this year, the government will prepare a good remedy to protect national security,” Chan said.

Recalling the past year, Chan said Hong Kong attracted a lot of expertise and visitors from different parts of the world, while the administration implemented measures to help citizens and will continue to build a caring society in the coming year.

In his New Year message, President Xi Jinping said he would continue his support for Hong Kong and Macau, „allowing the two SARs to maintain long-term prosperity and stability while better integrating themselves into the country's overall development.”

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