Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival 2023 records IDR 28.9 trillion transactions

Bisnis.comJakarta – Bank Indonesia (BI) has officially closed the serial operations Indonesia Sharia Economy Festival (ISEF) A Decade for Spreading Kindness, which was held on October 25, 2023.

Bank Indonesia Deputy Governor Juda Akung said the 2023 ISEF IDR was able to record 28.9 trillion transactions.

These nominally include financing, B to B transactions, B to C transactions and transactions from Sharia financial institutions. Exhibition ISEF 2023, Indonesia, including FESyar activities in the eastern region of Sumatra, Java and 2,311 simultaneous contracts for Shariah Home Ownership Loan (KPR).

In line with this, ISEF 2023’s visitor numbers also doubled from the previous year, reaching more than 72,930 visitors with 28,356 visitors and participants. reality 44,574 people.

Juda said BI’s ISEF 2023’s achievements in collaboration with the National Committee for Shariah Economics and Finance (KNEKS) over the past decade has seen MURI achieve a record as Indonesia’s largest Shariah financial economics festival at ISEF 2023.

At the close of the ISEF 2023 event, Juda said that globally significant achievements in both the Shariah economic sector and the Shariah financial sector are key prerequisites for achieving Indonesia’s vision of becoming the world’s Shariah economic and financial center.

„This is BI’s focus on strengthening ISEF in the future. „Implementation of ISEF in the future is expected to play a significant role in developing and promoting potential sectors in Sharia economy and finance, while being taken into account in the global order,” he said, Sunday ( 29/10/2023 ).

Juda said that continuous events such as the Indonesia International Modest Fashion Festival (IN2MF) will continue to strengthen, which not only showcases creations through fashion shows, but also strengthens features. Commercial From designers, they can support the presence of Indonesian moderate fashion in the world.

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„ISEF’s role as a strategic coordinator for business training and business positioning activities should be strengthened, as well as the identification of business opportunities and investments, which will promote the emergence of the Sharia economy as a significant contributor to national economic growth,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the 10th ISEF in 2023 has become a forum for business relevance as a collaboration between the Shariah Economic Community (MES), especially with specialized MES representatives overseas working with mentored MSMEs and BI partners with aggregators and potential buyers from Saudi. Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan.

He said this activity opens opportunities for MSMEs to market their products and build trade ties with these three countries with export potential.

„The high interest of business actors in the exhibition activities is reflected in the number of business actors reaching 1,003 offline and virtual business actors with nominal transactions worth IDR 365.42 billion,” Juda said.

Apart from this, Halal Expo Indonesia 2023, the first event in collaboration with ISEF, recorded a transaction figure of more than IDR 360.9 billion.

17,680 Halal certificates have been prepared by October 2023, 62 Halal animal/poultry abattoirs, 90 Halal slaughterhouses, 24 Halal slaughterhouses, 24 Halal centers and 2,200 support centers in universities and women’s community by involving BI and relevant partners to accelerate Halal certification.

„Implementation of ISEF 2023 as a stage for Shariah economy and finance is the result of joint work to promote the progress of Shariah economic development in Indonesia. It is believed that various projects and initiatives can be continued with the support of various parties such as Hamza Washal through their respective roles and powers,” Juda said.

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