Matty Matheson Drops Free Digital Cookbook for College Students

Matty Matheson, celebrity chef and star of FX’s restaurant drama “The Bear,” has released a free digital cookbook via WeTransfer.

Cookin’ Somethin’ for College contains 12 easy-to-make recipes for Gen Z and college students. Recipes range from the “ultimate” breakfast sandwich to peanut butter instant noodles with sesame fried eggs. For dessert, there’s bread pudding with salted chocolate mousse, chocolate hazelnut spread and peanut butter, and deluxe mint chocolate brownies.

„Cooking something for college” is available Download now via WeTransfer. Along with the book, Madsen will demonstrate how to cook four dishes in his 12-episode original YouTube series, “Cookin’ Somethin’.”

„College is a formative moment, perhaps the most important of your life!” Matheson writes in the cookbook. „You can completely reinvent yourself and be who you really want to be. Look at me. I was a horrible punk kid in school, and then I went to culinary school and found what I loved and became a chef. I think that’s amazing. The 12 recipes in this cookbook, I wanted to share with you while you are in the world. XO Matty.”

Matheson is a two-time New York Times bestselling author for „Matty Matheson: A Cookbook” and „Home Style Cookery.” He launched his own food and music festival Mattyfest in 2019 and opened five restaurants within two years: Matty’s Patty, Fonda Palam, Ka Bay Rong, Prime Seafood Palace and Rizzo’s House of Farm. She is also the co-founder of Toronto-based workwear brand Rosa Rugosa. He is also a cast member and executive producer on FX’s „The Bear,” which he expanded into Neil Falk’s role in Season 2.

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