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Lima.- Hughes Network Systems LLC (HUGHES), an Echostar company (Nasdaq: SATS), announced its new Hughesnet® high-speed satellite Internet plans for customers in Peru. These projects leverage the capabilities of Hughes' new JUPITER™ 3 satellite to deliver greater coverage and a better user experience. Focusing on the needs of rural customers who demand greater access and connectivity, the company will provide consumers and small and medium businesses with more data at better prices, improving access to service for those living far from urban areas.

„We listen to the needs of the market and change to continue to positively affect the social and economic development of the region, by improving education, e-commerce, business and the productivity of people and companies, by providing more accessible, better quality connectivity. Reaching wherever the person is, our coverage reaches even the most remote rural areas. Thank you for the personalized and professional service,” explains Benjamin Valverde, general manager of Latham Consumer in Hughes.

This evolution is powered by the innovative technology of Jupiter 3, the world's largest commercial communications satellite, which provides an unprecedented capacity for connectivity in Peru. This ultra-high-density satellite has more than 300 spot beams that help reduce congestion and provide a smooth experience. In addition, JUPITER 3's next-generation ground system features a dedicated fiber backbone that helps reduce latency and features artificial intelligence (AI) that automatically reroutes traffic around congestion to bring data to customers faster.

„Engineering innovation is at the heart of our company: with each of our satellites we have achieved new levels of performance, and Jupiter 3 pushes the limits of possibility. With more data and a better user experience, this satellite provides the necessary capacity to respond to the exponential growth of Internet demand in the region. And today, rural areas of Latin America can be connected to the Internet. Considering that around 72 million people live without access, JUPITER 3 will allow governments to achieve the goals they set to connect the currently unserved,” says Valverde.

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For Hughesnet, the focus in 2024 is to expand the coverage and access of Internet services, improving the growth of individuals and small and medium businesses. In Peru, Hughesnet offers plans with unlimited data and improved speeds.

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