Transforming the Employee Experience: Technology, Integrated Processes, and Generational Adaptation

Putting the employee at the center and establishing active listening channels to understand how the company perceives the capabilities of each generation allows teams to deliver an optimal experience tailored to their expectations.

Technology, as a strategic partner, makes it possible to improve and personalize the employee experience. However, its implementation should be based on previously established processes aimed at providing services.

Human resource management is critical to the success of organizations in the current environment. Integrating easy-to-use and scalable technology solutions is a key strategy to directly improve the impact on business and employee experience.

The audience was encouraged to analyze the strategies used by companies to improve the employee experience and improve workplace well-being. BDO, „Connecting people and processes, the path to a unified and differentiated employee experience”and arrangement Dir&GeIt has a board of directors of leading companies in their respective fields.

Managers have acknowledged the importance of prioritizing employee experience as a differentiating factor. This includes not only implementing safe and sustainable technology that allows processes to be integrated and simplified, but also understanding the needs and capabilities of each generation in the workplace. This vision includes proactively and empathetically listening to employee needs and expectations, and implementing personalized, agile and simple processes that facilitate the experience. Reservation Until then Offboarding. Initial and ongoing training has been identified as key to developing and retaining talent within the organization, thus aligning the employee experience with the customer and promoting accessible and effective solutions for teams.

Simplification, Customization and Adaptation

The integration of processes contributes to improving the employee experience, which translates into greater commitment, productivity and satisfaction and has a positive impact on the company's performance and image.

Itzaso Larnaca, Director of People and CSR Sir, It has focused on the change in mindset in the work environment. „In previous generations, it was common to build a professional career at a single company. However, this dynamic has evolved and now, there is high turnover, and the candidate who chooses the company is not the only option. Therefore, it is important to provide a different experience where the person feels heard. An employee who provides Feedback A positive aspect of the company is the best brand ambassador a company can have.” On the other hand, he emphasized the value of having mentors to help avoid talent turnover. „Talent retention is promoted by changing the dynamics and attitudes of teams by implementing strategies where senior employees act as mentors and opinion leaders to integrate and retain new team members. „

“Employee experience is a priority for companies. We want workers to be our partners and brand ambassadors, so taking care of their experience is strategic,” he noted. Teresa Blanco, Diversity and Inclusion Manager Angus. Likewise, he highlighted the importance of “grounding strategic challenges in an organization From top to bottom It sets up clear and well-organized processes and, on the other hand, establishes channels of empathy and active listening with the employee. Employees are qualified individuals, so it's important to give them a voice and ask questions to adapt processes based on their needs.

David Martin, Director – Digital Business & Alliance d BDO, pointed out the importance of focusing on employees. „To guarantee a differentiated experience, it is important to put the employee at the center. Only in this way can we identify the different profiles that make up the company and the needs of each one adjusting the channels, supports, processes, digital assets or the way we send content. Likewise, he noted: „It is to provide activities that add value to the employee. Important. In this sense, technology is a strategic partner that allows us to streamline and personalize, but it must be implemented based on previously defined processes that focus on the delivery of services.”

For its part, David Rodriguez Jimenez, Global Head of Employee Experience d map, A has specified a different value Employee experience Well-managed „Investing in people makes the difference. Taking care of employees and making talent profitable gives organizations a distinct advantage. In this sense, it's essential to provide teams with the means to do their jobs efficiently and proactively.” He also highlighted the importance of defining and transmitting a solid business culture to teams, working on key areas such as recognition and evaluation. „When certain behaviors are valued, groups tend to focus more on these processes, thus increasing their motivation and experience.”

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Technology, Continuing Education and Leadership

Efficient and productive teams with access to the services and content of HR platforms, office workers and relocated teams who do not work with computers, are essential for service excellence and meeting customer needs. In this sense, they acknowledged the difficulty of integrated management of technological tools, especially for teams working remotely, due to challenges such as fragmentation or security.

Victor Atienza, Business Director thread, Recognizes the value contribution technology makes to development Employee experience and has highlighted teams' resistance to change as a challenge. „As organizations, we can provide employees with all the technological tools possible to improve their experience, but often managing resistance to change is one of the biggest challenges. Therefore, the strategy is to strengthen the sense of belonging among both those working at headquarters and those working abroad. In this way, involve them in new implementations, practical and effective. It can also facilitate their adoption along the way.

„Attracting and retaining talent are two of the biggest challenges for companies,” he noted. Gonzalo IturmendiGlobal Director People Centers of Excellence – Global HR Functions de Cosentino. He also highlighted the need to find a balance between increasing motivation and improving the employee's experience in everyday life through actions such as improving simple, easy and fast processes. „Although the focus is on motivational initiatives, to achieve true employee loyalty, it is necessary to combine flexibility with activities that make their work responsibilities easier and faster.”

Oscar RomeroCorporate Director of People and Sustainability Donte Group, Focuses on the value of training to enhance employees' professional profiles on social networks such as LinkedIn. „Providing training programs that allow teams to improve their professional profiles on social networks is a great way to enhance their experience and positively contribute to the company's brand image.” He also highlighted the importance of leadership in retaining talent. „Initial and ongoing training of teams is essential to ensure a differentiated employee experience, and in this strategy, the leader who leads the teams plays an important role. In the dental industry, for example, the role of the clinic director is strategic to provide an experience that builds employee loyalty.

Ana Lopez, People Director D Veterinary Associates, This highlights the management of the integration of diverse expectations of diverse groups as one of the key challenges for organizations. „Different generations with different motivations and needs coexist in organizations. An effective strategy for developing an understanding of these expectations across generations is to link tangible value to tangible substance. For example, happiness can be associated with turnover, using productivity as a measure of happiness that translates into higher performance; „the more happiness, the more Productivity and, therefore, higher earnings, without compromising work flexibility.”

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Trends shaping the employee experience

Managers shared the trends that will mark the employee experience in the coming months, highlighting that caring for it is a continuous effort involving processes, technology, training and people. “Nowadays all companies are prioritizing Customer journeyBut still Employee experience It is also important from the first contact with the candidate. In this sense, they highlighted that one of the trends is to align the customer experience with the employee experience, allowing companies to access simpler, more agile and customizable employee experience solutions.

Similarly, they point out that addressing comprehensive people management involves focusing on both Reservation such as Offboarding To provide an optimal experience for all candidates, even if they don't end up joining the team. An aspect where companies still have ample room for improvement.

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