Huawei proposes key measures to increase digital productivity and accelerate electric power intelligence

SHANGHAI, China (ANTARA) – At HUAWEI CONNECT 2023, the Huawei Electric Power Digitalization BU held a summit titled „Prosper with Digital, Accelerate Intelligence for Electric Power.” David Sun, CEO of Electric Power Digitalization BU, opened his speech by highlighting how the industry can address the new pressure on the power system brought by the rapid growth of new energy. He began by saying that we must systematically develop core competencies. Changes in digital manufacturing relationships (awareness, organization and skill), digital manufacturing upgrades such as computing and transmission power, and architectural-method-ecosystem innovations can all drive the intelligent evolution of the energy system.
Sun continued that the digital transformation of electric power requires a computerized power system with infrastructure and on-demand, accurate and secure network connections. It is intelligent computing and can provide real-time, agile response. He emphasized that in the digital era, we need an open Costa Rican model to make industrial and cross-border capabilities available to clients. Huawei will focus on its area of ​​expertise, pioneer new technologies, and work with industry companies, integrators, and partners to successfully transform electric power into digital.
Huawei’s global intelligent electric power visualization launch
Power distribution networks are critical to the new power system. State Grid Shaanxi, together with Huawei and 28 partners, has embarked on the construction of digital distribution networks. Zhang Genzhou, CIO of State Grid Shaanxi, shared its project achievements and said, „Building digital distribution networks is complex and time-consuming. However, if we aim high and start small, we can achieve success.”
State Grid Jiangsu is currently using the computer power system. Based on Huawei’s computing power foundation and trend models, it has explored a set of intelligent development and application methods for electric power. Digitization director Wei Li said, „In the future, we will continue to work with Huawei and other partners to expand the use of the CV model and conduct NLP and multi-model innovation pilots.”
The greater the computing power demand, the more robust the transmission power infrastructure needs to be. Li Zhiwei, deputy director of the Digital Equipment Center of the State Grid Information & Telecommunication Company, introduced the construction and practice of SGCC’s next-generation intelligent energy data network. He said, „IPV6+ can significantly improve intelligent O&M and robust experience assurance. It forms the network foundation for the development of the Energy Internet in the next 10 years.”
Announcement of PLN and Huawei Joint Innovation and Talent Development Program
At the summit, CIGRE’s Technical Vice President Marcio SZECHTMAN and PLN ICON+ CEO Ari Rahmat Indra Cahyadi shared the latest information on AI trends and practices in the electric power industry. Hong Tangke, senior manager of the telecommunications division of CSG’s dispatch control center, introduced research and practices for building stable and reliable power transmission networks. In addition, PLN and Huawei joint innovation and talent development program was announced and Huawei’s global intelligent electric power galleries were also officially unveiled.

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