Technology that brings people together in organizations

Happÿdonia is a company born with the mission of improving performance and talent management within organizations through internal communication, management and well-being.

It is often said that technology isolates us from the world around us. Mobile devices changed the way we communicate in all areas: instant messages, emails, calls, social networks, seamless browsing… all in one device. Now, it is also true that the debate has been held that just as many people think that technology is driving us apart, many people believe that its function is to bring us together.

Mª Carmen Lacuesta Sobrino, CEO

With this aim, Happÿdonia has developed an application to provide companies with a solution capable of promoting a transparent, integrated and responsible work environment. Also, the application’s versatility enables communication and information to be transferred quickly and effectively. Fundamental practices in developing people’s skills and well-being, as well as in human resource departments. All this, irrespective of the geographical area or the job status of the professionals. „At Happÿdonia we strive to bring people closer, improve relationships, and humanize organizations more. We gather the virtues of the digital age to achieve better environments. , to take organizations to their highest level by utilizing maximum human capital. Likewise, in our application to preserve work well-being and increase personal happiness. Practicing digital disconnection,” explains Mª Carmen Lacuesta Sobrino, CEO. Hoppedonia.

Happÿdonia was born in 2017, out of an internal need to improve communication and connection between people in the group of nuns it depends on. In 2018, due to its success, it outsourced its solution, and from that moment, they worked to improve good internal communication in companies and streamline their processes. „We have created a practical, agile and effective platform that adapts to new usage habits and work models, focusing on designing participatory spaces that facilitate the communication of organizations and their people and increase the sense of unity and cohesion of teams. And talent management within organizations,” says the CEO.

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Better communication, more well-being, more performance

Internal communication fulfills not only the informational needs of employees but also the psychological needs for connection, relationship and community in the workplace. In this way, with the Happÿdonia application, companies have the opportunity to send timely information to all professionals. „This is the solution to unite, align and work together towards common goals,” says Mª Carmen Lacuesta Sobrino.

On the other hand, well-being at work has become a very important aspect of organizational behavior because feeling good is closely related to performance at work and personal satisfaction. For this reason, the app they developed at Happÿdonia allows people to take an active role and not be passive recipients of information. In addition, activities such as the awarding of achievements promote day-to-day recognition in business environments, and recognition of skills and abilities that recognize each professional’s skills and knowledge. „We live in a society where the culture of change and immediacy characterizes our daily lives and our physical and mental state. That’s why, now more than ever, companies are more interested in meeting people’s needs. Information, communication and engagement are the key ingredients for success.”

And the main focus and presence of the Happÿdonia app is to care for and care for people. Unleashing the greatest potential of human resources through communication and helping thousands of companies to do so is the mission Habitonia set at its inception and they continue to work to do this. „Without a doubt, we know very well what we are and what we want to be in the short and long term. That’s why we continue to work daily to improve the application and provide additional benefits related to communication, usability and other functions. For people’s participation and management. Diversity that the application offers. And we believe the variety of functionality it offers will continue to drive change and help organizations retain talent and make exponential changes in their operations,” he concludes. Mª Carmen Lacuesta Sobrino, CEO of Happÿdonia.

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Honest opinions. Satisfied customers

The Happÿdonia app is in more companies every day. And many companies are satisfied with providing the tool. It is always better to know things first, here are some examples:

„We were able to improve internal communication at Grupo Fuertes and create a more participatory and integrated community. Happÿdonia has become a very versatile and intuitive tool, which has greatly facilitated its adoption and integration into our daily workflow.” Cristina Cremades Solano – HR Marketing and Internal Communications Manager

„The introduction of Happÿdonia in ArcelorMittal Sagunto’s internal communication system has allowed us to adapt to the new digital demands of the entire workforce, thereby guaranteeing immediacy, transparency and consistent feedback.” Xavier Gonzalez – Corporate Responsibility and Communications Coordinator

„Thanks to Happÿdonnia, we at Velatia are transforming internal communications. This tool allows us to reach all professionals in different areas in an agile, segmented, personalized way and adapted to the language of the country they are in.”

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