HJT technology and the new era of solar energy

RISEN ENERGY, a Chinese multinational photovoltaic module manufacturer, has made a name for itself in the solar energy industry due to its continuous innovation and commitment to excellence. The company is not only one of the leading companies in the sector but also operates global movements thanks to its technological advances. One of these significant and notable advances is the heterojunction (HJT) module technology developed by the manufacturer and called Hyper-Ion.

RISEN ENERGY’s Hyper-Ion Modules 210mm Cell Heterojunction Technology (HJT) is the result of intensive research and development, a breakthrough in photovoltaic technology that sets new standards for efficiency.

The success of the Hyper-Ion series is the result of several technological innovations such as ultra-thin wafers, zero busbar, Hyper-Link interconnect and suitable packaging materials.

These developments have been carefully combined to improve the module’s overall efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in world records for highest efficiency (23.89%) and highest power (741,456Wp) in tests conducted by TÜV SÜD.

In addition to high efficiency and power, these modules offer an excellent constant temperature coefficient of – 0.24%/°C at full power and exceptional bidirectionality of up to 85% ±10%. The annual degradation of HJT module is 0.3% per year, the lowest in the market, which means that HJT modules can maintain 90% power output after 30 years of use. , guaranteeing a solid return on investment.

Available in the Latin American market

The good news for our market is that RISEN ENERGY’s Hyper-Ion modules are now offered through sales and manufacturer strategic partners. This is an opportunity to increase the quality of energy produced in photovoltaic projects across the country. An example of this is Brazil and one of RISEN ENERGY’s key strategic partners in Latin America.

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MTR Solar, one of the largest distributors and manufacturers of equipment for solar plants in Brazil, is strengthening its position as a strategic player in the country’s energy transition, with strong growth of 45% in the commercialization of equipment for underground plants until 2023. , reaching the 1.5GW mark, and strongly believes in HJT technology as the best cost-benefit differentiator in photovoltaic plants and the best return on investment for investors.

Thiago Rios, CEO of MTR Solar, highlights the partnership with RISEN and the effectiveness of the new modules for growth in the Brazilian and LATAM market: «RISEN is MTR Solar’s main partner in the supply of photovoltaic modules for power plants. MTR already has more than 2 million installations in Brazil. With these new HJT modules, MTR hopes to offer a product with higher efficiency and, therefore, higher returns for the investor. By 2024, we expect equipment sold to exceed 2GWp (Gigawatts-peak) and new HJT modules from RISEN, providing our customers with a quality and guaranteed product.

With RISEN ENERGY’s range of HJT modules, solar energy projects in Brazil can achieve levels of performance and efficiency previously hard to imagine. This not only makes solar energy more affordable and sustainable, but also increases the viability and reliability of large-scale renewable energy projects.

According to Riccardo Marchesini, country manager of RISEN ENERGY in Brazil, hyper-ion series heterojunction modules are leading the solar energy revolution. The company’s commitment to technological innovation, reliability and quality has resulted in products that not only meet but exceed market expectations. As these modules become available for sale and distribution in the Brazilian market, expect increasingly efficient projects.

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