HIPERBARIC develops HPTP technology to improve food safety


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HIPERBARIC, an innovative company in the field of high pressure technology, has made important progress with the development of its new technology. High pressure heat processing (HPTP), in close collaboration with Australia’s National Science Institute, CSIRO. This development a Quality improvement in food processing, integrating a revolutionary container that allows slow application of heat to high-pressure processing machines. This technology is distinguished by its ability to improve food preservation using lower temperatures compared to conventional thermal techniques.

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The container designed by HIPERBARIC is capable of withstanding extreme conditions, resistant Pressures up to 6,000 bars and temperatures above 90 °C. This innovative design ensures that the food is isolated from the water used during the pressing process, guaranteeing its integrity and quality.

HIPERBARIC’s HPTP technology is compatible with all of the company’s high pressure processing (HPP) machines. This system allows the container and the food to be preheated, Continuous hermetic sealing and application of high pressure. This process facilitates rapid achievement of sterilization temperatures, achieving microbiologically safe products with minimal heat application. As a result, foods retain their natural flavor, nutrients and appearance compared to conventional heat pasteurization methods.

This innovative container opens the door to a wide range of products Take advantage of the HPTP process. Foods processed with this technology are stable at room temperature, better preserving their nutritional value and taste. In addition, the generation of impurities that normally occur at high temperatures in conventional processes is reduced.

Collaboration with CSIRO has been key in the development of this cutting-edge technology. Doctor Hand nurseryA representative of the CSIRO highlighted that the programme It represents a significant improvement in food processing, preservation and packaging methods. This strategic partnership expands the application possibilities of HPTP technology and consolidates HIPERBARIC’s position at the forefront of technological innovation.

Implementation of HPTP technology is promising Room temperature is revolutionizing the sustainable food and beverage industry. HIPERBARIC aims to deliver exceptional quality, previously only achievable in refrigerated products. With its global leadership in high pressure technologies, HIPERBARIC has vast experience and a significant global presence. The company has With customers in over 45 countries and equipment installed on five continents, Reaffirms its commitment to innovation and excellence in the food industry.

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