Guardian is ready to upgrade its technology and services

The company gives its driver monitoring system a boost by combining it with ADAS systems; Plus personalized attention to carriers in Mexico.

As the market evolves and technology is increasingly adopted in motor transport, Guardian, Pioneer and specialist in TMS (Driver Monitoring System) systems Ready to take your solutions and care to a new level.

Founded in Mexico since 2018, the company focuses on developing and improving methods to detect fatigue and distractions among operators behind the wheel. Recording technology only when recording events in the cabin, cWith the aim of providing efficient management of these and protecting the privacy of drivers.

For Rodrigo Álvarez, General Director of Guardian Mexico, these were precisely some of the company’s differences, which were backed by 20 years of research and development.

„Compared to other organizations, we Guardian has a very low false positive rate, and why are they important? „Because if a driver is alert, if he is not tired or distracted, it disturbs the operator,” explains the manager.

In an interview for TyT The system works 99.99% of the time, he says, while other options on the market don’t reach 60%: „This difference affects the accident rate.„, he demands.

While all of this has allowed them to establish themselves as a benchmark for DMS technologies, with double-digit annual growth, Guardian Group is gearing up to take its solutions to another level.

“And in that This is where we are going to focus in 2024. I think we are at a point where we have to convince the customer of the technology; „They know Guardian is not a cheap solution, but it works well and it actually reduces accidents in frequency and severity,” says Alvier.

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ADAS for short

To complement its advanced technology, Guardian is committed to incorporating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) into its platform.

It’s about a Upgrade In the second generation of its devicesADAS now includes a forward-facing camera that warns when the vehicle is not keeping a safe distance or drifting out of lane.

Integration with Mobile i

Rodrigo Alvier points out that the Guardian system also represents a big difference compared to other options on the market; however, The platform’s integration with Mobileye highlights one of its most important distinguishing featuresThe Mobile Eye lacks a forward-facing camera, a pioneer in ADAS.

„This integration makes us very strong because Guardian is in the TMS world and Mobileye is in the ADAS world. So, Being able to integrate these two technologies into one platform leaves us far ahead of any competition.”.

With this development, its customers will now have access to the best and most accurate solutions in the market to pay for road safety from inside and outside the vehicle cabin.

The interviewer points to the camera with ADAS Upgrade For the Guardian’s current forward-facing camera, It has an arrival date in Mexico of the end of the first quarter of 2024.

„Customers with current Generation 2 A Upgrade The forward-facing camera has ADAS, So we invite our customers who want to strengthen their security in the process Upgrade„, he reveals.

File: Guardian, technology that brings security and peace of mind to your operation

Closer to Mexican carriers

As part of its evolution, Guardian is moving its carrier services to Mexico, with the aim of offering local service to its customers from the first quarter of 2024.

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Rodrigo Alvier explains that this can also be a differentiator for service personalization. Sometimes unreported cases are because they have dangerous substance in certain activities.

For example, Guardian has fleets that distribute fuel or flammable materials among its customers, and if an operator smokes, it poses a risk. Now, not only does the recording of the event begin, Instead, a person contacts the customer and informs him or her of the situation.

Rodrigo Alvier.

Previously, Guardian worked with a standardized service, but now that it’s headquartered in Mexico, Alvier notes that they can customize alerts and attention to their customers’ activities.

This close and personal attention, This is useful in cases where operators engage in other behaviors in the cabin or consume prohibited substances.It is important to inform the customer without compromising the driver’s privacy.

The manager recognizes that the decision to move his maintenance services to Mexico is in response to the high number of cases his systems are registering in the country.

According to the Guardian, In Mexico, 35% more fatigue and distraction warnings were reported compared to other Latin American countries..

Market overview

Pioneering companies in TMS technologies, such as Guardian, have gone a long way to “educate” about the benefits of these types of solutions: “Just as many transporters realized years ago that owning new vehicles is more profitable, the same is happening with technology.„, says Rodrigo Alvier.

Now, these types of products are becoming more available, so the new task is to make companies see the importance of partnering with a supplier that really supports them in managing them.

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„Transportation companies know this technology already exists, they know it’s available, and sometimes they don’t appreciate the work involved in implementing it, because The customer 'buys technology’ but we sell securityAnd procurement and management are key in road safety,” notes Alvier.

In his opinion, fleets focus too much on moving goods and do not have enough time or equipment to manage the information created: „Here we play a key role: we not only sell technology, but we also have systems. Processes. Behind the technology that helps the customer.”

In this order, The Guardian guides fleets on how to manage each fatigue or distraction event and how to minimize them.

In Mexico, the manager observes that transport companies are more aware of the importance of these issues and opt for a certification such as ISO 39001. Company They need to work with recommendations that make more sense to them.

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