Rio Negro attends the Education, Science, Art and Technology Fair

Catriel, Cipolletti, General Roca, Ingeniero Huergo, Villa Regina, Chichinales, Lamarque, Río Colorado, Viedma, San Antonio Oeste, Sierra Grande, El Bolson, Bariloche, Aguada de Guerra, Choele Choel and General Godoy are the new protagonists. In their edition of the National Exhibition, they showcased works designed and created in classrooms across the province in collaboration with teachers and the academic community of each school. Representatives from the province shared their projects with more than 650 works from across the country.

On exhibition days at the fair, Ingeniero Huergo’s CEM no. 128 -Students of Adult Modality – presented the „Literature Collection” as „the best academic work of the jurisdiction”. In this sense, Mabel and Karina, students of CEM 128, “Being in the auditorium was an unforgettable and enriching experience for us. We have had very good results and we are happy to be at this national forum to share with these lovely people. And they explained, „The project was born with the arrival of amateur writers from the valley to the school, who inspired us, and the idea was the result of writings, poems and poems from the 1st to 4th year of the school.”

For his part, the students of CET N°10 of Rio Colorado participated by presenting Lorenzo his project. Does the price of milk reflect its quality? And he highlighted that „what he loved most about this experience was being with all the people, making new friends and sharing the journey.”

Likewise, school no. in Roga. Sofia and Francesca from 274 stated that their creation „we create and share digital games” and noted that they „like to be in Technopolis, see the dinosaur exhibit, Obelisk, Casa Rosada and experience. Travel”.

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Finally, Chichinalus’ Special School no. Eric, 16, said, “It’s great to see so many schools and get to know Buenos Aires. We’re impressed with what we’ve been able to learn and want to keep learning.

During the national event, in addition, students participating in the robotics club in Viedma presented their robots at the national exhibition, within the framework of „Sábado para Acpañañanos”.

Likewise, the delegation participated in various activities at the Technopolis grounds, and they visited different locations in Buenos Aires.

Special notes

During the national exhibition, four works by Rio Negro students received special mentions:

ESRN No. by Ingeniero Huergo. 34 of „Ecoclub34”.

KINDERGARTEN NO. „Looking for an exit” from 42.

The „Huertex” project was implemented by CET N° 19 of San Antonio Oste and CET N° 4 of General Conesa.

„Literature Collection” CEM no. 128 -Adult Method-, Ingeniero Huergo.

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