Important Steps to Take When Planning a Career Change

Are you unsatisfied or unfulfilled in your current life? Time for a career change? Starting a new career can seem daunting, but a career change can renew your passion for work. But this is a big professional decision that requires a lot of thought and planning. Career change is not just about changing jobs. Instead, it means you want an entirely new career with a different job title and often in a new field. For example, you were in sales and now want to be a project manager.

If you’re considering making a significant change, you’ll realize at first that it will take time. There are many things to consider. Will the salary be higher, or should the salary be reduced? Are you following a passion? Have a new passion or career you want to work on? Does this change allow you the desire to advance your career? How long does it take to make the change? How much training or education is required to enter this new job field?

Thomas, a 50-year-old man about to be laid off, called for career counseling. He said, “I see the writing on the wall. The jobs I have been doing for the last 12 years are obsolete. I feel compelled to change my life which is difficult at my age and salary level. He was correct in his assessment that the transition would be difficult.

Caitlin found herself in a job that was impossible for her, because she wasn’t really happy doing it. She asked, „I need a career change, what should I do?”

There is one important thing that can help you change your career and land a job. But it is not an easy task. Learning new skills by taking classes or earning a new degree or certification can help you present yourself in a more attractive light to an employer. Going to college and studying for a new degree is a long endeavor. It’s the perfect solution if that degree is essential to start your career transition. For many, the solution is less time-consuming. Often the answer is to add some new skills to your resume to make yourself more marketable and get an employer interested.

Greg Brown He is the CEO of Udemy, the country’s largest online learning platform. He works closely with CEOs in small, medium and very large companies. Many executives tell him they see a „skills gap” between their current employee skill levels and the essential skills the organization needs now and in the future. Brown said 87% of company leaders face skills gaps; If not today, they will in the future. „Training is essential to being marketable, especially for those seeking promotions,” Brown said. “Employers want employees with a growth mindset. They are looking for people who are passionate, and adaptability is key to getting ahead. Past achievements don’t matter if they don’t differentiate you for the new role. Udemy offers thousands of courses that teach critical workplace skills and tech industry-accredited certifications that focus on your professional development. Brown said the top certifications employers want are in technology and business.

Brown noted, “AI is changing the workplace faster than anything else. One of Udemy’s most popular classes is How to Use ChatGPT at Work. Employers have identified specific skills that a current or new employee needs. of Udemy Workplace Learning Skills Infographic Report The industry revealed the trending skills, and many of them are technical skills, while a highly sought-after professional skill is teaching. Assists in multiple roles in addition to classes in soft skills such as communication, project management, public speaking or business writing.

Follow these steps to start changing your life.

Research careers you are interested in. Determine what skills or certifications are needed or desired. See future career growth and whether these skills are in high demand. Talk to people who work in those areas to get insight. Weigh the education or training required to enter a new field. Some occupations require specific degrees or licenses. Check local community colleges, vocational schools, online programs, or continuing education programs that offer classes relevant to entering your desired field.

Update your education and add new skills. Nothing will allow you to change careers faster than this. Udemy offers thousands of classes taught by individuals to help you quickly learn something applicable to landing a new job. KurezaAnother well-respected education platform, it partners with top universities and institutions to offer a wide range of learning programs, including specializations, professional certificates, and college degree programs.

Inquire if your company will pay. If you are currently employed, see if your company offers tuition assistance or reimbursement for work-related classes. This will help offset costs.

Prioritize. Choose classes that give you skills, work experience, or certifications that are attractive to hiring managers. For example, take an intensive IT program instead of theory-based computer science classes. Make sure the training will provide you with practical, in-demand skills tailored to your desired career. Be strategic in the courses you take to set yourself up for success in transitioning your career.

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