Gau Rakshak Mohammad Faiz Khan has given a befitting reply to Prasara Journalist

After the election results, a certain section of the media plays a role in creating a negative narrative against the BJP. Following the Congress’s landslide victory in the recent assembly elections in Karnataka, 'News24′ reporter Rajeev Ranjan, anchor of 'Mahaul Kiya Hai’, was caught indulging in such activities. However, he is received An apt answer by a Gorakshak Mohammad Faiz Khan. The video of the incident is currently going viral on social media. Mohammad Faiz Khan asked the journalist how Bajrang Bali’s slogan was communal. He also explained why a slogan like Jai Sriram cannot be called communal.

While anchoring his show on News24, journalist Rajeev Ranjan often visits different places and engages in conversation with people. On Sunday, May 14, 2023, he was at Connaught Place, Delhi. During the program’s introduction, he leveled criticism against the Bharatiya Janata Party, accusing its leaders of indulging in religious politics. He also asserted that BJP’s defeat in Karnataka indicates a change in the mood of the country. However, Rajeev Ranjan started asking questions from the public, whose answers contradicted his claim, indicating a different point of view.

Responding to a reporter, one said, “For the past nine and a half years, the nation has continued to express faith in the achievements of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This steadfast support reflects the essence of democracy, where the ebb and flow of victories and defeats is inherent. If the BJP suffers a setback in Karnataka, it is expected to make a landslide victory in other parts of the country. Regardless of individual state results, Narendra Modi is all set to continue to lead the nation and win the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. He denied that Karnataka decides the future of the country.

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Subsequently, Rajeev Ranjan began to suggest that the BJP’s strong emphasis on chanting 'Jai Bajrang Bali’ and building animosity towards Tipu Sultan could signal a decline in Narendra Modi’s charisma. In response, the individual countered that it was inappropriate to make sweeping judgments based on isolated incidents. When the journalist compared the situation to a pot of rice being cooked in a pot, the person emphasized that the mood of the entire country cannot be accurately judged by the decision of one state. A broader perspective.

The person unequivocally said that the BJP stands by the slogan of 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ (Together with All, Development for All) and has no intention of fostering enmity or prejudice against any particular religion. They emphasized that slogans like 'Jai Bajrang Bali’ or 'Allahu Akbar’ were religious in nature and not political. However, journalist Rajeev Ranjan intervened and suggested that there was aggression associated with the phrase 'Jai Shri Ram’. In response, the person said, 'Sri’, in this context, refers to the venerable Goddess Lakshmi, which has a positive connotation rather than any kind of aggression.

He also explained that 'Sree’ stands for women’s empowerment. In response, a 'News24′ reporter tried to denigrate the importance of the 'Jai Sriram’ slogan by pointing to its exposure in the 1990s. However, the person objected, questioning the long-term existence of 'Lord Sri Narayana’. To the journalist’s surprise, the man revealed his real name as Mohammad Faiz Khan. He openly stated that he was a devoted cow protector (gau sevak). Mohammad Faiz Khan admitted that his name may have caused preconceived notions, but he insisted that his fair-minded attitude contradicted any preconceived biases of this journalist.

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When a journalist asked Mohammad Faiz Khan about the increasing cow protection and problems caused by gaurakshars in the country, Mohammad Faiz Khan said, “If you consider the harassment of gaurakshars, the number of such cases is very less. Many cow vigilantes have lost their lives while freeing cows from cattle smugglers, and many have suffered serious injuries. The sequence being created is nothing compared to that. We have records of all cow rescuers. Many gave their whole lives and their earnings for this work.

Mohammad Faiz Khan said, “I can sing the entire Hanuman Chalisa. I am from Raipur in Chhattisgarh. Hanuman also sang some verses from Chalisa. Mohammad Faiz Khan also knew Gayatri Mantra. He said he was not a member of any political party.

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