Garware announces hiring in Norway, Chile and Spain

Net specialist Garware Technical Fibers has appointed three executives to support the management of its Norway, Chile and Southern European markets.

Olav Kolbjørn Øvereng joins the Garware Technical Fibers team in Norway as a technical consultant, while Ramkrisna joins the Borse Chile team as a technical manager and Eduardo Wolff has been appointed as a sales consultant to look after the business across all divisions for Southern Europe.

Øvereng previously worked with Mowi in Norway and has international experience as Regional Director of Andromeda (Avramar) in Spain. He has also worked on the supplier side at Meox, a Norwegian aquaculture technology business.

Paul Korneliussen, manager of Garware Technical Fibers Norway, said: „Having been a local manager at Movi for many years, he has valuable operating experience and knows what works in practice. He knows the problems and the 'language’ of wheat farmers.

In Chile, Ramkrisna Borse commented: „I came to Chile as the Technical Manager to be a support and link between the needs of our Chilean customers and the creation of networks at our headquarters in India.”

Eduardo Wolff has experience in the field of sales and marketing, having previously worked as a sales and marketing manager at Redes Mar Adentro SL and previously as an export manager at Grupo Tecnologia Deportiva SA.

Kanwal Malik, Manager, Curvair Technical Fibers Europe, said: “We want to be closer to customers and develop business for our products. [in France, Spain, Germany, Greece and Italy ] The aforementioned countries, so Eduardo will support us to get there.

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Garware was founded in India and now has presence in major aquaculture countries in Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America.

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