JA Solar plans to deliver 1.4 GW of photovoltaic modules in Brazil by 2023 – pv magazine Latin America

Of this volume, around 40% will be allocated to centralized manufacturing projects. By 2022, 100% of JA solar exports to Brazil will go to the distributed generation market. At Intersolar South America, the company introduced two new n-type bifacial modules that are generally better suited for ground-based installations and large-scale projects.

JA Solar projects that in 2023 it will repeat the volume of modules delivered to Brazil the previous year, totaling 1.4 GW, of which about 40% will be for centralized generation projects. This view, which could change even later this year, was shared by Fernando Castro, Country Manager of JA Solar in Brazil, during InterSolar.

At the exhibition, the company presented two new negative phosphor doped (n-type) modules, including the JAM66D45 590~615/LB module with 182 x 210 mm cells. This batch size conforms to an agreement reached by 9 batch manufacturers to standardize wafer sizes, thus improving production by reducing impact on distribution, reducing costs and avoiding material waste. These modules have an efficiency of up to 22.8% and a maximum power of 615 W, as well as 16 bus bars.

Launches are mainly indicated for large-scale distributed generation (DG) projects – typically plants above ground – and centralized generation. “In the first half of the year, sales were very low in the rooftop installations segment,” commented Castro. By 2022, 100% of JA Solar exports to Brazil are directed to the DG market.

He points out that although the cost of modules has fallen from $0.25/Wp a year ago to $0.16/Wp today, equipment distributors hold about 2 GW of stock, accumulated when prices were still high, and are under pressure to match current prices. , with sales even at negative margins. “Next to India, Brazil is the country with the most pressure on prices [de los módulos]”, confirms the administrator.

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This year, in addition to the contract to supply 412.65 MW DeepBlue 3.0 modules for CTG’s Arinos centralized PV project, the company also announced a contract to supply 400 MW 560 Wp bifacial modules with na (re)energisa technology, which will be delivered. For DG projects throughout 2023.

On the possibility of new imported blocks paying the full import duty rate, Castro said he believes there should be uniform treatment for blocks available in the market. However, its potential impact on the final price of modules will be offset by the recent fall in device prices.

Another innovation that JA Solar has brought to Intersolar is new products related to energy saving for homes. The solution is a system with inverters and batteries capable of operating off-grid.

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