The US Open women’s semifinals were suspended after protesters stopped play with Coco Goff and Karolina Muchova.

A disruption in the stands prompted a delay in the US Open match between Coco Goff and Karolina Muchova.

The players returned to the tennis court following a nearly 50-minute delay when protesters started chanting at 8.06pm.

The stands protested the US Open match between Coco Goff and Karolina Muchova.Credit: AP:Associated Press
Gauff was heard commenting on the situation as he left the courtCredit: AP:Associated Press
Karolina Muchova was also forced to retreat to her chair as the protestors beganCredit: AP:Associated Press

As Goff and Muchova began the second set of the US Open women’s semifinal, the chants began.

Protesters on the upper mezzanine could be heard chanting „End Fossil Fuels”.

Security rushed to the stands as both players were sent to their chairs.

Three of the protesters were removed from the stands, according to a statement from the US Open.

But a fourth protester „planted their bare feet on the floor of the seat bowl,” the report continued.

The NYPD and medical assistance were required to remove the man from the stands.

Four protesters were arrested following a 49-minute delay.

Both tennis players were completely removed from the court while police responded.

„They said they were negotiating over the phone,” Goff was heard saying as he left the court. XFormerly known as Twitter.

„It’s like a hostage situation.”

The fans who attended were also dissatisfied.

“Get them out! Get them out!” Arthur Ashe echoed around the stadium.

Fans in the stands and those watching at home immediately shared news of the delay on social media.

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„Quick pause after first game of second set, three guys standing up and yelling upstairs,” one person tweeted.

„Deeply concerned that the #USOpen couldn’t handle three nonviolent protesters.”

„He has his feet on the ground. He’s wearing an 'End Fossil Fuels’ t-shirt. 8 NYPD officers on scene now,” another person wrote.

Extinction Rebellion later claimed responsibility for the protests.

Goff and Muchova opened the second set of the women’s semifinals as the chants began.Credit: AP:Associated Press
Security rushed to the stands as both players were sent to their chairsCredits: Getty Images – Getty

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