Focus on these 3 marketing tactics in the age of automation and artificial intelligence

A new landscape is emerging in the world of public relations and marketing. The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation is becoming so ubiquitous in this space that it can seem daunting to keep up. However, the truth is that as we embrace new technologies, it’s time to reinforce the tried and true principles of business marketing that have been proven to work time and time again.

These tools seem to bring a new level of simplicity and efficiency, but simpler doesn’t always mean better, and it certainly doesn’t guarantee conversions. We need to be smart about deciding which tools are useful to use and which tools are too focused on not being useful. Modern PR and marketing professionals must focus on strategically implementing the right new technologies with a thoughtful mindset, without sacrificing the best practices that got the business off the ground in the first place.

Whether you’re doing your own marketing or relying on an outside agency, there are a few key concepts to ensure that all parties are on the same page and that the desired end result can be achieved.

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When implementing new technologies, less is more

Be selective about the technology tools you use to support your business and services, and the people you hire to run it. The more limited you are in the tools you implement, the more freedom you have to optimize each of them to the maximum. One thing business leaders and marketing executives often overlook is that any new technology involves a learning curve, and it can take some time to reap the benefits. Even with unlimited virtual tools and cloud space, excess can still lead to clutter.

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Take the time to explore how new technological tools enhance the creativity and reflection of the human mind, instead of thinking about how the entire process can be automated. For starters, try to focus on tools that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and address specific pain points in your current workflow. This will make it easier to train employees and reduce costs in the long run. While new tools can automate many aspects of your marketing funnel, it’s also important to remember that machines can’t replace the professional human touch. By choosing the tools you use and taking the time to understand their full potential, you can ensure that your marketing efforts are strategic, effective and ultimately successful.

Social media is, in fact, an integral part of your sales funnel.

If you represent a consumer product and you’re not generating sales or marketing leads through Instagram or TikTok, you need to know that your competitors are. Don’t miss out on tapping into this rich pool of potential consumers when they’re already searching for the products and services you or your customers offer.

Investing in the right channels at the right time is critical to the growth of your business. It’s also important to make sure your digital marketing strategy is fine-tuned before investing in public relations. While public relations is a powerful way to give your company the recognition it deserves for big moves, media exposure will only take your brand so far without a foundation of strong social channels that demonstrate your value and consistent engagement with your audience.

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To improve your social media presence and make it the integral part of the sales funnel it should be, start by clearly defining your target audience and creating content that resonates with them. Use a combination of content formats to keep your audience engaged, with consistent post times to maintain brand visibility. Studying performance through social media analytics can be very helpful and provide you with the relevant data you need to adjust your strategy when needed. Finally, integrate these social channels into your broader sales and marketing strategy to ensure content is aligned with overall organizational goals.

Collaborative participation and collaboration can be very effective

This is the era Influencer Digital, many of them are keen to collaborate on relevant products and services in line with their personal brand, ethos and vision. The right collaboration and partnership will help your company reach new audiences at a much faster pace, organically and mutually beneficial.

Whether you’re a B2B brand or a consumer-facing business, you’ll build trust and engagement with your new shared audience by creating a sense of community and starting a conversation in it. There are endless opportunities to partner with other brands to create human and brand loyal connections Influencers Share their work through joint content, joint events, shared gifts and/or sponsorships.

To identify potential partners, it is important to consider the reputation, trust and credibility of both brands from the point of view of the target audience. Both parties must agree on the terms, expectations, and scope of the partnership, including the type of content to be created, the schedule, and the promotional plan. Maintaining transparency, open communication, support and mutual respect throughout the partnership is important to ensure a successful outcome.

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Ultimately, brands that continue to succeed use the same principles as before, but on a broader scale, supported by the right new technologies to open up more possibilities. It’s important to take advantage of these new tools to add depth and relevance to your marketing plan, but not at the expense of the human connection that drives it forward, builds relationships, and gets real results.

A well-established and actively engaged digital presence, with aligned partnership and collaboration activities, will consistently be better at achieving results than any technology you implement, no matter how effective it may seem. Once you reestablish the core elements of your marketing efforts with the human touch at the center of every plan and initiative, you’ll see continued growth and success no matter how the technology landscape evolves.

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