FAO's fight against hunger and poverty in the Asia-Pacific region

In the heart of Asia and the Pacific, a war is being waged against hunger, poverty and the effects of climate change. The Deputy Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) emphasized the need to face these challenges head on to ensure global food security.

Clarion Call for Climate-Resilient Agri-Food Systems

In a recent speech, FAO's Deputy Director-General highlighted the devastating impact of climate change on food security, particularly for people who rely heavily on agriculture. He underscored the importance of developing climate-resilient agro-food systems to enhance peace-building efforts.

FAO's Regional Priority Programme Asia and the Pacific are at the forefront of addressing these challenges. The initiative is committed to strengthening national capacities, adapting to climate change, reducing disaster risks, conserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable agro-food systems.

Collaborating for a greener future

FAO is not alone in its quest for a greener, more equitable future. The organization works with the Green Climate Fund and the Global Environment Facility to drive change.

In Central Asia, projects are underway to reduce pesticide use and promote sustainable agriculture. These efforts are not only about environmental protection; It's about creating a world where everyone has access to nutritious food.

Changing agro-food systems, changing lives

FAO is currently leading 48 projects and three projects designed to address environmental, agricultural, forestry and marine freshwater resource challenges in Asia and the Pacific.

The organization is working tirelessly towards a world free of hunger and poverty. FAO aims to reduce inequalities and create jobs by empowering marginalized communities, promoting gender equality in the agricultural sector, ensuring water and energy efficiency in agriculture and investing in sustainable agricultural practices.

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Despite progress in many countries that have graduated from 'low development' to 'middle income' status, hunger and poverty remain widespread problems in Asia and the Pacific. More than 371 million people in the region are still malnourished.

To combat these persistent inequalities, FAO promotes science, innovation and new technologies to transform agri-food systems, sustainably manage natural resources, support rural transformation and assist Small Island Developing States (SIDS). The goal is to ensure better production, nutrition, better environment and ultimately, better life for all, leaving no one behind.

As we move to 2024, the fight against hunger, poverty and climate change continues. FAO's commitment to developing climate-resilient agri-food systems is not limited to adapting to a changing world; Creating a future where food security is a reality for all.

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