EU economic emissions in 2022: down 22% from 2008 – products Eurostat News

In 2022, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by the economic activities of EU resident units amounted to 3.6 billion tonnes of CO.2 Equivalents (CO2-eq), down 22% compared to 2008.

The activities with the highest GHG emissions in 2022 are the manufacturing industry and electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning with 745 million tonnes of CO2-eq, accounts for 21% of total greenhouse gases emitted. These are followed by households (718 million tons of CO2-eq; 20%), which emit greenhouse gases associated with transportation, heating and other purposes.

Source dataset: env_ac_ainah_r2

Looking back, between 2008 (the first year of data) and 2022, the largest decrease in GHG emissions was recorded in mining and quarrying (-40%), followed by electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning (- 37%) and manufacturing (-28%). ).

These are estimates for the EU economy according to air emissions accounts showing the environmental impact of the entire economy, including international transport. NACE Rev. 2 Emitters are broken down by economic activity according to the classification, as well as households, in the national accounts.

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