Sandiaga Uno Promotes Creative Economy MSMEs in North Sumatra Garo

Madan (Antara) – Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandhyaka Uno has seen the Karo district in North Sumatra witness the growth of its creative economy of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

„We can see many creative economy MSMEs developing here,” he noted while attending the Flower and Fruit Festival 2024 at Mejua-Jua Park in Perastaki sub-district on Friday (July 5).

Uno noted that MSME actors participating in the national festival are creatively showcasing their best products like Lake Toba Super Priority Tourism Destination, of which Karo is a part.

“I have tasted Karo coffee and its taste is comparable to international coffees,” he remarked.

The minister further noted that the progress achieved by MSMEs in Garo, including the parade of decorated cars, has 250 villages from 17 sub-districts eager to supply their products.

With that in mind, he felt it necessary to further improve the quality of the national festival included in the Karisma event Nusantara programme.

Uno then called on all MSME actors in Garo to continue to move forward, work in synergy, harness the potential of the district and accelerate job creation with the ultimate goal of realizing the Golden Indonesia 2045 vision.

Meanwhile, Garo District Chairman Kori Srivati ​​Sepayang said he hoped UNO’s visit to Garo would bring improvement to the district’s tourism sector.

„Participation of around 160 MSMEs here will definitely increase people’s income,” he added.

MSME products such as snacks, decorative lamps, wooden handicrafts and various local agricultural products are showcased at the national event.

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The Karo district government has targeted 90,000 tourists for the festival, which will be held on July 4-6.

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