Empowering athletes to prevent match manipulation at Paris 2024

Peer education

Ambassador Louise Bowden has competed for Australia in three Olympic Games in volleyball and beach volleyball and is excited about the opportunity to return to the Games in a different role:

„I am proud to be the ambassador for 'Believe in Sport’ at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games,” he said. „In a world where we are all more connected and accessible than ever before, ensuring athletes are aware of the risks associated with match manipulation reduces the chances of coercion or mistakes that have significant consequences.”

Chilean hockey player Consuelo is also excited about the role:

„It means the world to me to be a part of this team and to have the opportunity to compete in the Olympics,” he said. „This is not only a personal achievement, but also represents an opportunity to contribute to the Olympic spirit, promote fair play, and support athletes in their pursuit of excellence.”

Education is key to preventing competitive manipulation

Competitive manipulation occurs when athletes intentionally outperform or intentionally fail. Deliberate decision-making by officials can also affect competition. It may be for financial, sports or other benefit.

Raising awareness and educating athletes is one of the best ways to prevent match manipulation. It is for this reason that an awareness campaign is now starting to encourage all athletes participating in Paris 2024 to follow online studies before the Olympic Games, allowing them to fully focus on their competitions when they arrive in France.

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