The ALGS Championship team chose to play with only two players due to a lack of „synergy”.

Published: 2023-09-08T16:31:22

Updated: 2023-09-08T16:35:23

Aurora Gaming is playing with only two players remaining in the ALGS Championship after they said their third team lacked „synergy”..

Aurora Gaming is the EMEA team hit by visa issues before the start of the ALGS Championship. The organization announced on September 5 that its IGLs Kiryl '9impulse’ Kostsiu and Lev 'taskmast33r’ Grigoriev have yet to receive visas for the tournament.

9Impulse eventually secured his paperwork to play in the British LAN tournament, however, the team’s IGL has yet to secure him to play. So, the organization brought in Entropic player Jose 'Uxaco’ Llosa to compete in his place.

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With the substitute, Aurora managed to score 60 points in the group stage and secure a spot in the losers’ bracket for the next stage of the tournament. However, Uksako revealed hours before the bracket stage Social media Aurora wanted to play without him due to „synergy” issues.

„It’s really sad because I’ve been traveling for a lot of hours, but it’s what it is, I’m posting it so that no one is surprised when I’m not on stage,” he said.

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Aurora plays the ALGS Championship with two players

Uksako said that Aurora has decided to play with their emergency replacement, but also an administrator of Apex Legends Esports. replied Post that the team can’t do that without a real emergency.

“So, that means Aurora chooses to play with 2 players. There has to be an emergency that merits allowing them to use an emergency companion,” said Jack Connelly, Apex Legends’ League Operations Manager.

A few hours later, Aurora took on only Kirill '9Impulse’ Kosciu and Svyatoslav 'Ojrein’ Korochinsky on the server in the first match of the loser’s bracket.

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However, Aurora could have Uxago back in the squad Game chat The Spaniard did not want to continue playing for the team during the tournament.

„He doesn’t want to play with us anymore,” 9impluse wrote in the in-game chat.

For now, the team must play the rest of the event, no matter how far they make it, with just two players, against three teams around them.

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