PWC integrates ChatGPT into the business by becoming a reseller

The company preaches, in part, to gain more converts. According to PwC’s annual survey of global CEOs published in January, 58% of them believe AI will improve the quality of their company’s products and services in the next 12 months, and 70% say the technology will significantly change the way you create. Delivering and capturing value over the next three years.

Jennifer Hamel, research director of IDC’s business intelligence services group, believes the partnership puts PwC in a good competitive position. „Professional services firms are all competing for AI-related opportunities and have similar technology ecosystems, making differentiation difficult,” he says. „Working directly with OpenAI, separately and in addition to our long-standing alliance with Microsoft, is a way for PwC to offer something different from its competitors.” Of course, that 'first reseller’ advantage „may not last long until OpenAI expands its partner ecosystem.”

Mark Tausek, vice president of research grants and distinguished analyst at Info-Tech Research Group, agrees. „All the big consulting firms offer SI services that build AI,” he says. „The real value they bring is expertise and experience in deploying private tenants of OpenAI on Azure or Bedrock on AWS. They will provide strategic advice on developing AI and strategic use cases and professional services related to selection, integration and implementation.” The actual value of the contract PwC is a reseller „Systems integrator services and a one-stop shop, so their customers who don’t have experience in AI don’t have to go to Microsoft to get an OpenAI license from a private Azure tenant.”

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