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In the world of technology and video games, women have been around for years. I still remember in an interview they asked me what I thought about the „rise” of women in gaming, and my response was to tell them that we're always there, whether it's making games, shooting scenes, or playing games.

In this, I think it is encouraging to note that contrary to initial data, the number of women working in the information technology (IT) world is increasing. At the Latin American level, although they currently represent close to 15%, this number has been growing steadily over the years. This growth is driven by the efforts of the public and private sectors to promote the development of women in these areas. The shortage of technologists affects all sectors, and addressing it in an inclusive manner is crucial.

Innovative programs are opening doors for women in technology around the world. For example, in Chile, initiatives such as the Women in Big Data project supported by the Samsung Innovation Campus equip women with knowledge in key fields such as programming, artificial intelligence and big data, preparing them for successful careers in the tech industry.

„Sheroes in Games”, for its part, promoted by the Goethe Institutes of Latin America, actively seeks to increase the participation of women in the video game industry. Workshops, developer meetups, and specific activities aim to encourage the inclusion of women in fields such as programming and video game development, showing how video games can be a gateway to STEM fields for women.

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At IT-Talent, we recognize the fundamental role the technology sector plays in professional development and social mobility. According to our latest research, this field is one of the best-paying careers for professionals, whether at junior levels or even recent graduates. In addition, we are seeing increasing efforts of bootcamps, programs designed to provide basic skills in technology, with a special focus on supporting women, especially young women, to enter the technology industry. Similar to how video games have influenced other fields, these programs seek to inspire curiosity and interest in the technology.

However, while we celebrate this progress, it is important to recognize and address the gender gaps that persist in the world of technology and gaming. These gaps can manifest in a variety of ways, from pay disparities to unequal representation in leadership roles and strategic decisions. It is essential to implement policies and programs that promote equal opportunities and eliminate gender bias in the hiring, promotion and retention of female talent in the industry.

Another big challenge is the lack of female role models and mentors in the tech and gaming industry. These issues can hinder women's advancement and career development in these fields. It is essential to establish mentoring programs and support networks that connect women with role models, as we do at Mujeres en VG, who can guide and support them in their careers.

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