Aguascalientes promotes science and technology

The government of Aguascalientes, led by Governor Terre Jimenez, has developed science and technology-driven solutions.

In 2023, more than 1,700 students benefited from careers related to this sector, which allowed them to participate in national and international school competitions.

Through various programs and support, the state government encourages the youth to equip themselves with the necessary tools to succeed in the world. An example of this is Rogelio Guerrero, who received a scholarship from the State Institute of Science and Technology (Insidea) to participate in the 64th International Mathematical Olympiad 2023, where he won a gold medal.

Ana Claudia Morales Dueñas, president of Incytea, pointed out that this year 1,700 students received support through the various scholarship programs promoted by the institution, among which „outstanding talents in science and technology” stand out. 20,000 for students seeking training or certification in robotics, computer science, mathematics, artificial intelligence and information technology.

Likewise, the national and international education movement created by the scheme, not only government schools, but private and post-graduate schools as well, the official highlighted the above by providing funding to avoid school dropouts.

He highlighted the consolidation of the FIBEIPES Scholarship Program, which pays students studying in public universities their tuition fees in full. Support is provided from the day they are selected as beneficiaries until they complete their studies, which allowed the number to increase. Graduates at the highest level in the organization.

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