Jenna Ortega’s New Horror Movie Is Already On Amazon Prime Video And 'Bad Taste’ Joins 'Let Me Out’

’American Nightmare’ made a surprise release on Amazon Prime Video this weekend without much fanfare.. Since the film was released on VOD in the US a year ago, it may seem generic as it didn’t get much attention back in the day. But we are talking about what is for the Spanish people. Jenna Ortega’s new horror filmSo far unprecedented in our country, it means it has been on our radar for some time.

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The thing is, 'American Nightmare’ was released in America before the Netflix series 'Wednesday’, so, Jenna Ortega became one of the actresses at the time before the phenomenon exploded. Then came the commercials for 'Scream VI’ and 'Bitelchús 2′ and the adaptation of 'La casa de Bernarda Alba’ and others. Earlier that year, Ortega starred in the reboot of 'Scream’ and 'X’, which continues with 'Pearl’, the first film in West’s trilogy, and closes with 'MayXsign’. So you can say that even if it is not a media hit. ’American Nightmare’ shows us an Ortega who has already begun to be considered a great scream queen in horror movies..

Jenna Ortega American Nightmare Carnage

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Brothers movie Julio and Diego HalevisA nominee for Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime Video, it took its original title (’American Carnage’) from: 'American Carnage’. Donald Trump’s Disgusting Speech Against Immigration, and history itself uses these images and many others to reflect the systemic racism instilled in certain segments of American society. „The American Dream” introduces us to a play on words with the 'American Dream’ A group of young people, children of migrants, are detained and their families are threatened with deportation By the governor’s controversial new law, which faces another election soon. The main character is not Jenna Ortega, but JP (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.), who is detained with her sister, and both JP and the other inmates are offered a deal. Volunteers at an elderly care center. When they get there, they find that nothing is as they thought.

I could read up to here, as „American Nightmare” uses suspense, humor and horror to create a story about the horrors of racism and immigrant rejection in „Land of Opportunity.” There’s a bit of 'Let Me Out’ and Jordan Peele’s social horror, a bit of 'Bad Taste’, 'Bubba Ho-Dep’ and more lighthearted B-series horror comedies and… Wait a minute, isn’t that Pepin Trey??

Pepin Trey is the American Dream

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