'Dnevnik' shares the best catches of the year

Reliving 2023 through the lens: 'Dnevnik' showcases the best photos of the year

2023 is a year of unforgettable moments, captured through the observational lenses of Reuters photographers. These visual storytellers attend every significant event, documenting and immortalizing history as it unfolds before our eyes. Bulgarian publication 'Dnevnik' has launched the second part of its traditional series of best photos of the year, giving a global audience the opportunity to relive these moments.

Unveiling a photographic time capsule

From the red carpet glitz of the 95th Academy Awards to the everyday struggles and triumphs, these photos serve as a kind of time capsule. They capture not just events but emotions, telling stories that words can rarely do justice to. A notable highlight is a behind-the-scenes photo of Oscar winners Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Yeoh, watching Brendan Fraser pose with his Oscar. This candid moment, frozen in time, captures a camaraderie and warmth not often seen amid the glamor and grandeur of such events.

Invites contributions from readers

The publication aims to not only share these extraordinary images, but to encourage its readers to do the same. If you have a knack for capturing the world around you through a camera lens, 'Dnevnik' encourages you to share your impressive photos and accompanying text. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your talent and share your vision with a global audience.

'Dnevnik' – Elevating Ethical Journalism

Owned by Ivo Prokopiev and Teodor Zahov, 'Dnevnik' is committed to adhering to the code of ethics of Bulgarian media. The website, designed by Studio X and developed by Economedia, is a testament to this commitment. Also note that some featured photos are copyrighted Associated Press And Reuters.

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