Best Tricks to Free Up Space on Your Android Cell Phone | Technology

Probably most Cell phone owners Admit it is one of the worst things that could happen The phone will run out of memory space. But it is there A great tool and some tips to solve this problem.

And when you want to take photos or download other files The sign indicates that the cell phone does not have much spaceIf you have an operating system AndroidYou can use filesGoogle app for managing storage.

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You just have to Go to Google Play and search for files and download them. So, you can start handing out the application Optimizing your cell phone space.

Files provided by Google are used to manage cell phone location

Google Play

Tips for freeing up space

However, if you don't want to use this type of app and You want to manage your location manuallyYou can follow other steps:

Delete photos and videos Unnecessary
Upload your photos, videos and files to the cloudLike Google Photos
Clear the cache Apps from your phone's settings or settings
Delete apps you don't use; You can even do it in some predetermined way with the phone
Pause autosave In the library of photos and videos you receive from WhatsApp
– Move files to a Micro SD memory

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is important Don't run out of space Because that way you may lose your personal files like contacts, photos, videos, documents or WhatsApp chats that you want to keep.

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Even an alternative Download everything you receive from WhatsApp or email to your computer, and then save it to an external drive with enough space. This way, you no longer have to worry about memory shortage and your cell phone will work faster and more smoothly.

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