’Diversification of Qatar’s economy leads to exponential rise in new business ventures’

Doha, Qatar: Qatar has seen significant growth in its economic landscape with an increasing number of Qatar-based companies.

According to the annual certificate issued by Great Place to Work Middle East, the company surveys all employees by empiring across all sectors.

In an interview with The Peninsula, Managing Director for Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain at Great Place to Work, Jules Youssef (pictured) said the exciting trip was a „testament” to Qatar’s unwavering efforts to promote entrepreneurship. Business Environment „With a strong focus on diversifying its economy, Qatar has successfully attracted local and international investors, leading to an exponential rise in new business ventures.”

The official said the growth rate of companies launching Trust Index surveys to analyze what employees think of their workplace culture reflects not only the confidence of local entrepreneurs, but also Qatar’s enormous potential to be a leader in workplace culture.

He said: “The Qatari market encompasses a wide variety of industries, each with its own unique challenges. From finance and oil to tourism and healthcare, each sector plays an important role in Qatar’s overall economic growth. Each sector contributes to the overall growth and development of the country’s economy, providing employment opportunities and generating innovation.

However, recognizing the importance of key sectors is crucial to understanding the issues and challenges faced. So the company plays a vital role and develops its approach to create positive workplace cultures across the board.

Qatar’s workplace culture has seen significant improvements in fostering employee engagement. “Companies that focus on workplace culture in Qatar encourage open communication, collaboration and a sense of belonging, thereby fostering a motivated and engaged workforce, Youssef noted.

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In a recent survey of Qatari companies certified by Great Place to Work Middle East, 95 percent of employees affirmed that they are considered full members of their organizations, regardless of their position.

Youssef asserts that these findings underscore the „inclusive work culture in Qatari companies where employees are valued and respected regardless of their hierarchical position.”

„These results reflect the positive impact of fostering a supportive workplace culture in Qatari companies,” he said.

Qatar’s competitive job market makes it imperative to attract and retain top talent, and workplace culture plays a key role in achievement.

By fostering a culture of recognition, career development opportunities and work-life balance, companies in Qatar aim to attract and retain talented professionals, reduce turnover rates and associated hiring costs.

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