Toy favorites Connie and Trevor put on a show for Argos’ Christmas campaign

TV toy favorites Connie and Trevor return to the small screen and star in Argos’ glossy new advertising campaign this Christmas, featuring top brands and stylish gifts from the retailer this festive season.

Hero film shows Ghani dancing across the table on Christmas Eve

At Trevor’s directorial command of „lights, camera, coffee machine,” Connie emerges from the shadows to reveal herself in a dazzling pink Christmas jumpsuit; The steam in the atmospheric background was conjured up by a gorgeous looking coffee machine (bought at Argos of course.)

Reflecting her youthful energy and the celebratory spirit of the time, we see Connie go through an array of Argos products used to boost her best performance.

In a long walk across the table, in perfect rhythm with the music, Connie passes a Sonos speaker and a Habitat gold cocktail shaker, which shimmer against her sequin jumpsuit.

When she gets to the big finale, Trevor is filming it all on a phone, or at least we realize he is, much to Connie’s chagrin. A stylish shark hair dryer. Connie cartwheeled across the festive table, „Tell me, please, Trev?” The film ends as if asking. Trevor was actually recording himself the whole time, while Connie clapped her hands proudly about herself.

The story is a modern take on the classic 'toys come to life’ story – 'There’s more to Argos’ – Argos’ brand platform launched earlier this year. It aims to showcase a wide range of much-loved products from the retailer, from toys, home and beauty, to cutting edge technology, quality and style, as well as great value. Created by The&Partnership, directed by Traktor and animated by Untold, it features voices from People Just Do Nothing’s Ruth Pratt and This Country’s Charlie Cooper. Disco classic Li Freak by Chic is played alongside Connie’s Big Show because there’s no better song to get you in the party mood.

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Laura Boothby, Head of Campaigns at Argos, said: “There’s no better way to show what you can find at Argos this Christmas than to bring back our beloved and family-friendly characters Connie and Trevor. In a festive themed adventure, we highlight just some of the incredible products our customers can buy this Christmas and bring them to life in a quirky and playful way – evoking the Christmas cheer our customers can find at Argos.

Matt Moreland and Chris Clarke, Creative Directors of The&Partnership, said, “We wanted to pull out all the stops for the latest installment of Argos. It is Christmas after all. So we paired Connie with some stylish merch, a world-class choreographer, and a remix of one of the greatest disco tracks of all time. Surely nothing can go wrong? „

The 30” TV spot will run for the first time on Wednesday 1 November at 19:45, with high-impact OOH running across the country from today. The 10” TV spots will also run from November 19.

The campaign will be live across TV, BVOD, OOH, print, social, online, radio and PR in the UK. The individual shorts, made for TV, PVOD and Community, will be accompanied by a collection of TikTok images featuring Connie and Trevor like never before.

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