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Happy Saturday, curse and curse! It’s the week of the women’s soccer team’s (and) exciting win at the World Cup Among other things), what will happen If we are going to hold elections again And the tenth Warm greetingsBut in the tech world we are also waiting Big change.

Memorize these acronyms: DSA. is EU Digital Services Actwhat from todayAugust 25, they must comply with online platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Amazon or Booking, and search engines such as Google or Bing. One law to regulate them all (Although We should do good to humans instead of keeping us in darkness as Sauran wants). And that It affects us as users In our digital lives. Let’s see how.

A little order in the digital wild west

„And The new sheriff He is in the city, his name is DSA”, This is what Thierry Breton refers toThe European Commissioner for the Internal Market called the Digital Services Act „no more, no less” to „bring some order to the digital wild west”.

It is a set of EU rules solve such problems Wrong information Dissemination of illegal content on social networks (such as publications inciting hatred, terrorism, discrimination or child pornography), actions Transparency and regulations Harvest data. Here are all the details.

Which companies must comply with the DSA? As you can see in this picture, the EU classifies them into four levels based on their services and the number of their users, and the ones at the top have more obligations: VLOPs and VLOSEsOther Acronyms to Stay

VLOPs and VLOSEs, Most major online search engines and sitesDigital services in the EU must comply with legislation Yes or yes from todayAnd of course many more They ring a bell and you use them every day: AliExpress, Amazon Store, Apple AppStore, Bing, Booking, Facebook, Google Maps, Google Play, Google Search, Google Shopping, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube and Zalando.

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Let’s see… not that these sites couldn’t have implemented these improvements and changes before, but when Bound by law And non-compliance leads to Obstacles: There are many They are penalty shots Up to 6% of their annual global revenue.

How does this affect me as a user?

The changes imposed by TSA should be addressed immediately Our experience as users on those sites. For now, some people are talking about what they have done or are going to do (or They promise that); In others, we will be pending.

But we can already tell if we use Facebook oh Instagram We can consult the operation of its recommendation algorithms and we can choose whether to disable them. If we are users TikTok We will have the option to disable its content recommendation algorithm. In Twitter We can see which publications have violated the site’s rules, what types of content have been removed, and the number of accounts that have been suspended. When we shop Amazon We will have more information about sellers and channels to report fraudulent products.

In any case, efficient systems must be careful All this provided that it is properly implemented and complies with the law: It must be emphasized A world first For regulation of large technology. Here we tell you more And, if you’re in doubt,Write to us!

in five bits

– A summer without Instagram or TikTok. August is coming to an end, have you disconnected or been watching other people’s summer on social networks? At They have tried to get back to the semi-analog world and have extracted it Interesting results: Anxiety and intrusive thoughts subside, general intoxication is real, and wonder, the world keeps changing. Here we say How our abuse of social media can affect our mental health.

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– The life of an influencer. One of the things that can affect us the most is repeated viewing The perfect life of some influencers It fills social networks. Many people are always looking for such people. smile With this parody Comedian (and influencer) Esperanza Gracia, who is a Research Group About the topic.

– Are you as lost in the world as I am? As a final reflection of these issues, Video clip of this song by artist Mobi (We took the picture above), an anime in the line of the day that hasn’t aged since its release six years ago. Because a digital disconnect never hurts, here you have it Tips for configuring mobile To limit the time we spend using apps and social networks.

– #. This Wednesday the 23rd is International Hashtag Day, a formula written with a word or several words, preceded by a hash tag, which we now use all the time in social networks and emphasize words when we communicate. In writing. ok Born 16 years ago A Twitter (DEP), elsewhere.

– Internet history. Speaking of Twitter milestones, there are also tweets that are already part of our memory and have been passed down to posterity. If they are not deleted. Remember”The most retweeted selfie in history”, Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars with Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Pitt? Links with images and links tweeted before December 2014 have stopped working They count on the edge. Because X says They fix it. Elon, don’t take this away from us either.

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