Puno | ANA implements wells with sustainable technology to reduce water scarcity in Ministry of Community Development and Irrigation | Peru

The National Water Commission (ANA) activation Water wells with sustainable technology Resist the consequences Water scarcity It passes through the Puno region.

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Through its administrative unit 002-modernization of administration Water resourcesSo far 118 wells have been repaired in this area Abundant and 8 are in the pilot phase, operating for the use of communities in the districts of Huancané, Vinquechico, Asillo, Chucuito, Coata and Capachica.

Thus, ANA Puno will operate 437 manual drilling wells, powered by submersible electric pumps. Renewable energy Comes from Solar panels.

The total investment for the implementation of 437 wells of this project is S/ 16,758,611. 353 wells are for maintenance, rehabilitation and deepening and 84 wells are for drilling new wells. Solar panels for Abundant. So far there are 792 solar panels for the wells.

referred to by Ministry of Agricultural Development and Irrigation (Midagri), each well Standard technology It consists of six solar panels, an electric pump, a lightning rod and an open pit.

In this way, the ANA Emergency Ordinance No. Implements these measures within the framework of 030-2023, to implement intervention measures in the face of danger Water scarcity of El Nino phenomenon.

Emergency Ordinance No. The initiative seeks to address water scarcity and the imminent threat of an El Niño event following 030-2023. Photo: Midakry
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