MasterCard and US banks pioneer shared ledger technology for tokenized assets

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  • MasterCard and major US banks are collaborating on a trial of shared ledger technology to facilitate settlement of tokenized assets.
  • Its objective is to improve efficiency and security in dollar and asset transactions such as government and bank lending.
  • Companies like Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, US Bancorp, Wells Fargo, Visa, Swift are participating.

MasterCard se aa Major US banks to test Shared recording technology A Try what are you looking for Facilitates liquidation of tokenized assets.

This test is called A regulated settlement networkwill simulate Dollar transactions with the intention of Streamlining settlement processes and reduce ERRORS AND FRAUD RISKS.

The Distributed ledger technology There is a possibility It will change the way financial transactions are carried out At this time.

When transferring assets such as Commercial bank money and such values Treasury bond Inside Tokens will act on a A distributed ledgerIt can be implemented solution in the same systemdeletion Current fragmentation.

Participating in this initiative Major financial institutions as Citigroup Inc., JP Morgan Chase & Co., US Bancorp, Wells Fargo & Co., Visa Inc., Swift, TD Bank NA Y Zions Bancorp.

Also, companies like Bank of New York Mellon Corp. And this International Swaps and Derivatives Association Contribute their experience to improve Test performance.

This project is based on a Previous 12-week trial Started at the end 2022Focused Domestic and cross-border bank payments in dollars.

Although testing is a step Significantly exploring shared ledger technology for tokenized transactionsIts not guaranteed Immediate commercial implementation.

Change in financial arrangement with Mastercard

The Cooperation between Mastercard, Leading banks and many others Financial institutions Reflects a Adoption of innovative blockchain technologies improve Efficiency and security in the financial sector.

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The Ability to facilitate and accelerate settlements of tokenized assets A can be Significant impact on global financial operations.

In measure Explore new technologies and business models Finance DepartmentThey also arise Regulatory challenges That should be addressed.

The Cooperation between financial institutions and regulators as SEC Important to confirm Transparent and safe environment For new ventures like Bitcoin ETF Market Share.

He The success of these tests And finally Commercial implementation of shared ledger technologies for settlement of tokenized assets can mark the beginning of a A new era in financial transactionsencourage Efficiency, security and transparency in global markets.

The Continued cooperation between institutions such as MasterCard, regulators and supervisory bodies will be essential Guide these changes And safe a A more robust financial system for the digital age.

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