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In the year just ended, the incubator Continental University Advised – through two mentoring schemes, which are mostly subsidized – to 20 InitialTwo of them received an initial capital of S/ 15,000 (one, S/ 10,000 and the other S/ 5,000). management Its Director, Frans Vasquez.

In addition, we raised more than S/ 1.2 million in seed capital for the nine winning teams in ProInnóvate's Startup Perú program. At the same time, we provide S/ 15,000 per year as seed capital for university-funded, high-potential projects. emphasized.

He 50% Initial We support from Jounin. Cusco, Arequipa and Ancash are the regions with the highest number of attempts” said Vasquez.

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Towards greater accessibility

to him By 2024, Vichy will increase its range fivefold Beginnings Region: Aims to mentor 100 startups per yearAn agreement has been reached with Santander Bank of SpainIt has pre-incubation plans for Latin America and Europe.

In this way, we open up our mentoring capacity, hand in hand with Santander, with experts from different countries. At the same time it connects Beginnings Peruvians to the International Market”, Argument.

In addition, to expand the scope, it is planned to start cooperation with incubators in other countries Raise up.

We are also planning to develop a scheme to transform traditional industries into innovative ones. Through this we aim to reach 490 entrepreneurs so that their businesses can scale and they can raise funds.„, he said.

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EdTech grew 20 times between 2020 and 2022 and maintains a sustained growth of 20% month-on-month.

EdTech grew 20 times between 2020 and 2022 and maintains a sustained growth of 20% month-on-month.

Ed-Tech and Foreign Trade

The expert explained that education-related startups are created in the so-called regions Ed-Tech. 40% of initiatives are supported raise, From this section, it includes projects Foreign tradeEspecially sites Market place For marketing of regional products.

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There are also Health and Wellbeing initiatives (Health-Tech & Wellness), Agriculture and Food (Agri-Tech & Food-Tech). „Our focus is on regions: we democratize access to incubation programs. „Commitment is to create poles of innovation” said.

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  • The Continental University Invests S/ 300,000 per year Raise up.
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