How technology can improve education

Combating student inattentiveness is one of the major challenges in the current educational environment. As such, more and more efforts are being made to implement different teaching methods that stimulate new thinking in the classrooms.

Great River.- As a result, using technology as a learning tool has become an increasingly used option by teachers and professors as it allows for a transformation of the learning and teaching experience.

However, the confusion is not about which technology to choose, but rather how to create an appropriate visual environment that helps teachers teach and students learn. Keeping everyone moving at the same pace and maintaining focus are very important elements in supporting people's understanding in classrooms.

With this in mind, Epson focuses on creating reliable, versatile and economical solutions so that professionals have innovative educational tools that encourage student participation and encourage collaboration. Sebastian Fernandez, product manager for Epson's projector line, said, „Understanding how technology can contribute to the learning process is essential to keep up with digitization and modernization in educational spaces.

Digitalization in the educational universe is seen in the proliferation of interactive projectors, a tool that replaces the blackboard in many institutions today, because it creates images on any surface: wall, screen, blackboard, fabric, irregular surfaces, floor, ceiling, etc. .

Image reproduction has changed the dynamics of living rooms, as it allows for easy inclusion of content in a new world of mapping, gaming or realistic colors, high resolution and high brightness.

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Making the user feel part of an experience is a big differentiator because it puts them at the center of the strategy and their attention is more engaged. On the other hand, immersive entertainment will continue to be a popular trend in the industry, with increasing opportunities to immerse people in visual and auditory content.

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