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More and more companies are joining forces to innovate in this technology. OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, has been joined by Google, Microsoft, Meta, etc. There is no one who does not bet on AI even to make new smartphones.

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Not limited to creating text, photos or videos, searching for information or processing data from certain instructions for use. But behind all these there are companies like this AMDAmerican Semiconductor Corporation.

We spoke to Nicholas Canovas, General Director of AMD For Latin America, the changes need to be made for AI to continue to advance and countries like Peru should not be left behind in this new technological race.

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Today AI is gaining popularity. What causes this trend?

As a concept, it's not new to tech companies. What has happened is that it has exploited the public, the people, the common user, and mainly when this happens we see two levels: the first is hardware. For a user to speak and understand or experience AI, the hardware takes a certain development time to provide that massive processing, bandwidth required to run different models. [de IA]. That's the first thing, obviously AMD It is a very important player with its apps.

Now, what we've seen from last year, I think there's going to be a very strong acceleration this year, is software really taking advantage of all the raw processing power that the hardware has to offer. So I think that's where its importance becomes visible to see what it can be used for. [la IA]Its benefits.

„I think it's a wave that's at least as strong as the introduction of the Internet to work, in our daily lives.”

There is talk of different types of AI, even super artificial intelligence. At what stage of its evolution are we?

I would say that what artificial intelligence is today has exploded. Obviously, it focuses more on creating content from text, video, images. I think the state of AI we have today is focused on analyzing a lot of data, a lot of information, which is what we saw first, and creating new content based on what's requested from there.

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So, earlier they were pictures, now they are videos. I think we are in the early stages of what artificial intelligence is. Now, those grounds are a very strong improvement. I believe that this is at least a strong wave to introduce the Internet in our daily lives, at work, with the difference that its adoption will be even faster.

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Nicolas Canovas, General Director of AMD for Latin America. The app company's bet is on AI. (Photo: Spread)

Last year AMD had a presentation of processors. How important is this tool to improve AI?

Hardware is important. This is important because it allows the right level of processing to bring artificial intelligence to life. If you think about the amount of information and data and what the learning of these models is, it's a scale of processing that was unthinkable just a few years ago.

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So, I believe what has allowed these developments, such a great evolution has taken place. AMD As I told you, it has played a very important role in the evolution of its applications, the evolution of technology. Very important, but youIt was recognized some time ago that graphics processors can really bring more life and power to artificial intelligence.

– But the competition is not easy. Will one of the biggest competitors be Nvidia or what will be the biggest competitor?

No, I think there are many companies. First, the environment has changed: before we had one competitor, now there are others, which speaks of the diversification of the company's business. AMD. They're the competitors that are starting to focus and accelerate, and I think AMD is really in a very important position in that environment. At the end of the day, something that we have always encouraged and that has been a basis for our growth, the more competition, the more growth.

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„I think AMD is focused on bringing artificial intelligence to life and creating it with the products we're introducing.”

– Looking at last year's news, AMD talks a lot about its gaming aspect. Will gaming define technological progress in this competition between processors?

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Unnecessary. This will be one of those big titles where the graphic aspect and everything the gaming allows will be important.But again, I think AMD is focused on developing through artificial intelligence and the products we're releasing: our Instinct MI300 accelerator, which is a GPU accelerator that allows us to expand the technology platform to deliver any kind of artificial intelligence application. From developing platforms like Microsoft and its whole new system, gaming is going to bring a lot of artificial intelligence applications that will be a growth.

Gaming is one of the fields where the battle to develop artificial intelligence is taking place.  (Photo:

Gaming is one of the fields where the battle to develop artificial intelligence is taking place. (Photo:

— News about AI usually comes from Europe, America, China, Japan. How are we doing in Latin America, how is this development of AI?

Well, I think it's strong, it's very strong. Obviously, there's a first wave of big companies in some countries where they're starting to consolidate massively. Google, Microsoft and all the big companies have their headquarters outside of Latin America.

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Now, that growth affects everyone. In Latin America, all the companies we talk to have questions about artificial intelligence, starting to prepare about their systems and see how they can add AI. It started with large companies, but I also see medium-sized companies that want to really implement AI processes, and they want to know how to be ready; What do you want; those with outdated systems or data centers; And, at the moment of change, be ready for that incoming wave. I would tell you that in almost 90% of cases we have those conversations. We see this in different Latin American countries: first in governments, regulation begins. In Peru, obviously, laws are starting to emerge to provide a regulatory framework in this regard, and in Chile we are seeing centers promoted by universities, by the government, that are starting with a dedicated artificial intelligence center. Scientific aspect.

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So, we see it progressing very strongly. One of the things that positively attracted my attention about Peru is not talking about artificial intelligence, but for any technology, from a desktop computer application, we call it early technology adopters, „early technology adopters.” Usually, when a new technology emerges, Peru is one of the main countries to incorporate it, which happens regularly, and a product is not the most sought after.. The rate of technological innovation in Peru is much faster than other countries in the region. I think this is an aspect of artificial intelligence that will continue to do so.

– In which areas can countries like Peru or our region make the most of artificial intelligence?

First, artificial intelligence crosses industries. What is said about its implementation makes an activity more effective and efficient. The amount of data it can process, learn from, and provide us with information based on what we want is something that benefits everyone. For example, we see industries Retail sales (retail) Where you start to see more. Some mining companies have begun to consider and exploit the nearby area of ​​Peru and Chile. I think database management or having customers and managing an adequate segment is important. One is for external production process optimization and the other is for internal processes. I think that's where we're going to see the first evolution: start providing tools to better improve work so that people can have more data or more processed data to make decisions.

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