Huawei introduces talent development service solutions to accelerate the transformation of digitally capable talent

Barcelona, ​​Spain (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- During MWC Barcelona 2024, more than 60 high-profile customers from global carriers, industry leaders attended Huawei's digital intelligence capability development. During the session Huawei introduced its talent development service solutions.

Huawei's Head of Learning and Certification Services Mr. Jason Liu said, „In the era of intelligence, digital intelligence transformation can only be accelerated by combining AI technology with industrial intelligence and valuable data accumulated by enterprises.” Technology makes things work. And people make technology work. Mr. Jason Liu shared the following three perspectives on talent development:

  1. Talents with industry knowledge are still valuable assets. But everyone needs to improve on AI technologies.
  2. AI service architects and AI algorithm engineers play a key role in the era of intelligence.
  3. An AI-powered learning platform can make learning more effective and efficient.

Huawei introduced its talent development service solutions, which are connected to customers' talent development value streams. These generally include talent planning, cultivation, evaluation, and operation. The solutions help customers build teams of digitally competent talent and drive transformation in infrastructure, O&M and digital services.

In his keynote speech, Professor Yannick Meiller from ESCP Business School said, „During the digital intelligence transformation, companies need to build talented teams with creative, critical and ethical thinking and expertise.”

Antonio de Luis Acevedo, Executive Director of the State Foundation for Training for Employability (Fundae), stressed that talent development must incorporate comprehensive wisdom and leave no one behind during the digital transformation.

Rumeysa Kaymakci, director of Turkcell Academy in Türkiye, pointed out that in the future, digital leadership should focus on leaders' transformational thinking, team management and collaboration.

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Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation's CTO, Hamadlan Hamdan, believes that Sarawak's digital economy requires digital transformation, for which skill transformation is key.

Mahdi Jemal, CSO of Ethio Telecom, explained Ethio Telecom's talent development strategy, and Hawaii's online-merge-offline (OMO) platform enables visualized and manageable talent planning and nurturing, which has helped Ethio Telecom achieve significant results in talent development.

Talent development services aim to enable digital intelligence transformation across industries. Huawei will continue to improve global intelligence and collaborate with customers to develop capabilities in the intelligent world.

Source Huawei Training Center

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