Clutch goal in the final to lift the trophy for Inter Miami

A A player Pink and black The number 10 shirt was called Messi winning trophies for Inter Miami CFBut this Messi still has a whole career ahead of him.

as Lionel Messi Preparing to start his first full season MLSHe looked happy 11-year-old son Thiago stunned social media with a sensational goal to help Inter Miami Academy The team lifted the trophy.

Thiago Messi scored Collazo just like his dad

It was reminiscent of the heroic performance of the Inter Miami captain 2023 Leagues Cup Final August, during his The trademark left-foot curler And a converted penalty in the shootout led the MLS side to its level First trophy.

Thiago's goal came instead Right leg, but it was interesting. The ball was crossed high into the box from the left wing where Thiago met the ball before it bounced and sent it over. The first time the shot flies into the bottom corner.

Fans take notice of Thiago's incredible goalscoring record

The Young Messi His games have already generated significant fan fare Under 12 years of age. According to unconfirmed reports on social media, He scored 13 goals and seven assists in his first six games. Many of his wonderful plays have been recorded and widely shared Social media By fans eager to find one Heir to the Messi legacy.

But no one pays more attention to Diego Messi's games than Lionel. Videos of the final showed his dad beaming with joy He watched from the sidelines with his new teammates Luis Suarez.

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Belongs to Leo 2024 MLS seasonHe has some work to do if he wants to be the best Messi in town.

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