„I lost everything”, the father of Indonesian bodybuilding recalls how he overcame severe adversity and developed a warrior mentality

Indonesian bodybuilder Ade Roy stands as an iconic figure, not only for his chiseled physique, but for the indomitable spirit that has carried him through life's toughest challenges. The journey from a young badminton enthusiast to the father of Indonesian bodybuilding is a testament to resilience and determination.

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Roy's recent appearance on the Generation Iron podcast with hosts Mike O'Hearn and Clark Bartram showed a rare side of the 53-year-old warrior. The candid conversation explored the hardships Ade Roy faced, especially during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ade Roy's miraculous breakthrough at a difficult time


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During their conversation, he revealed, „I lost everything, no savings, no business, and the final blow was losing my beloved mother.” Despite these setbacks, his perspective on suffering is profound; Ade Roy believes awareness is the key to resilience. The turning point in his life comes with the loss of his mother, whom he considers a miracle.

Roy continued to publish, ” So, since my mother died, I relate it as a miracle, because suddenly my life seems like this, probably, I don't know, my mother's prayers for me, I think. ” Since then, opportunities have flowed in his career and he has become not only a bodybuilder, but also a prominent celebrity and promoter of healthy lifestyles.

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Beyond the gym, Ade's friendly smile and model-worthy looks have made him a recognizable face in various advertisements and events. Surprisingly, bodybuilding was not his first choice. Roy initially aspired to be a badminton player, attracted by the sport's glory at the Olympics. However, fate had different plans for him. After struggling as a junior shuttler, Ade Roy switched to bodybuilding, a decision he is grateful for.

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In 1994, he won his first national bodybuilding championship at the age of 24. His dedication and refusal to use steroids propelled him to many victories, including the prestigious Musclemania World USA in 1996 and a gold medal for Indonesia at the 1997 Southeast Asian Games.

Ade Roy's journey exemplifies the essence of turning adversity into success. His story is not just about bodybuilding; It is about the mindset of a warrior who has emerged stronger and wiser in the face of challenges. As he wisely puts it, „The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery” Emphasizes the importance of learning without using the past as an excuse. The veteran bodybuilder now trains others through personal training and social media posts.


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In a world where every setback is an opportunity to bounce back, Ade Roy's story serves as a beacon of inspiration. His warrior mentality, forged through trials and tribulations, continues to inspire not only aspiring bodybuilders, but anyone who faces life's struggles.

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