China summons Japanese ambassador over activities at G7

BEIJING, May 22 (Reuters) – Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Sun Weidong has invited the Japanese ambassador to register protests over China-related issues at the weekend’s Group of Seven (G7) summit. said.

Leaders of the world’s leading democracy gathering in the Japanese city of Hiroshima expressed concern over rising tensions in the East and South China seas and human rights conditions in China, including Tibet and Xinjiang.

Sun said Japan cooperated with other countries at the G7 summit. China and Japan,” referring to the 1972 China-Japan Joint Statement.

He said Japan’s actions harmed China’s sovereignty, security and development interests, and China was deeply dissatisfied and firmly opposed to them.

„Japan should adjust its understanding of China, understand strategic autonomy, adhere to the principles of the Four Political Documents between China and Japan, and truly promote the stable development of bilateral relations with a constructive approach,” Sun said.

Hideo Tarumi, Japan’s ambassador to China, denied that it was „natural” for the G7 to address issues of common concern as it had done in the past and would continue to do so in the future unless China changed its behavior. , according to a reading.

„If China requests not to mention them, China should first take positive steps to address issues of those concerns,” Tarumi told the Sun, according to a reading.

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Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said during a briefing on Monday morning that the country’s policy on China is consistent, that it will be assertive in matters of need and insist on responsible behavior, while taking steps to address concerns and cooperate on common issues.

The Chinese embassy in Britain had earlier asked London to stop slandering and defaming China to avoid further damage to China-UK relations.

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