China Matters Feature: Birding Balls Project X in Zhongshan

Beijing, (ANTARA/PRNewswire)- The white tern, with black eyes and a black, pointed bill, is a rare migratory seabird that is completely white in color. Although widespread throughout the Pacific, white terns only breed in and around Honolulu, Hawaii, which explains why they are known as the „Official Bird of Honolulu.” In Zhongshan, Honolulu's sister city, nearly 250 bird species have been recorded so far, and thanks to its perfect location in Guangdong Province, which has China's longest coastline, this number is expected to rise annually. It serves as an important refueling station for shorebirds.

Have white terns ever visited Zhongshan? How does Zhongshan protect its environment and attract so many birds to stop, settle and breed there?

In this video, China Matters and bird photographer Nicholas Ludovic Green travel to Zhongshan Guiheng National Wetland Park, which has a significant shorebird record, in search of images of white terns. During the visit, they learn more about the steps taken to enrich the wetland park's biodiversity. Also, it's intriguing to find some people they want to engage with and support them in completing their mission.

Were they lucky enough to spot the mysterious, rarely seen little white terns? What are other rare but well-known wild animals in Zhongshan to look forward to?

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Source: Scion Germany

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