Armenta Proposes Technological Valley for Puebla's Growth – Contrareplica Puebla

In a meeting with journalists, Senator Alejandro Armenta said he will go to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in February to present an important project that he has been working on from the Senate of the Republic as part of his legislative agenda. People and youth from Puebla.

„There is a very important technical component in Puebla, upon arrival I told about the National Polytechnic, I am going to present a project there, to participate, I am going to lead the Puebla Technical Valley Project, which is a project we have. Served in the Senate”.

Senator Alejandro Armenta, the coming of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) to the municipality of San José Chiapas will consolidate Puebla as an excellent academic and technological center at the national level, as the research center will benefit not only business people but also business people. Agricultural producers open the door to development by providing soil tests and water analysis to industry, which is why the importance of this trip and its participation in the technical forum, „will undoubtedly have a very important meaning, because there will be exchange. Regarding what they do, the main leaders of infrastructure and projects They are going to meet in Dubai.

A few days ago at the beginning of the construction of the Innovation and Integration Center of IPN's Unidad Puebla, he emphasized the importance of technology today and how the center will represent Puebla in this field. . Referring to the major world powers, he suggested that Puebla should follow this path for its own development, increasing investment in energy production and technological development.

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„To accelerate progress in building the future, infrastructure for the future and Puebla deserves it, but the state of Puebla, not just a relic area as Pan members think, all of Puebla deserves from the northern mountains. We all deserve the Northeast, the Black Mountains, the Mixteca, etc.

Armenta urged us to continue to believe in the path of change, because we can achieve success with love and effort in what we do every day, that's why I climbed Malindsi on January 1, to show that we can all reach the top. It is not just the privileged few who reach the pinnacle of progress.

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